What Calendars Are

For most people the word 'calendar' is most often associated with a small tear-off calendar, or a large wall that adorns the interior of the apartment throughout the year. However, this kind of calendar got relatively recently. In the course of history changed calendar itself, the principles of its preparation, as well as its appearance. For example, in ancient Babylon, archeologists discovered whimsical clay plates containing a plurality of openings. How they found out later, these records were not more than a progenitor of the modern calendar.

The ancient inhabitants of daily rearranging sticks from one hole to another and thus were countdown. Attempts to create a calendar can be found in the Mayan culture and ancient Incas. Most ancient calendars preserved on the walls of temples and other architectural structures. In the Ancient Rus' calendar is a original album, consisting of several pages. On the first page placed himself calendar, and all subsequent contained information on astronomy, physics, as well as the timing rules. Currently, there are a huge number of calendars that can be classified on various grounds. For example, depending on whether the cycle of a celestial body is oriented calendar, isolated lunar, solar and lunar-solar calendars. In the culture of each nation has its own ways of timing, based also may lie lunar or solar cycles.

For example, there is an Orthodox Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Chinese and other calendars. However, the officially recognized is the Gregorian calendar, which focuses most of the world. Modern photo calendar has many varieties, we list the main ones. 1.Nastolny Calendar. An essential attribute of any office. The classic version of a desk calendar is a pyramid consisting of the calendar sheets bonded spiral paper clip. This is an indispensable tool of any office worker. Therefore, when choosing a desk calendar must consider not only the features of its design, but also take into account the features of this calendar. 2.Kvartalny calendar. Differ originality of design and usability. This is a traditional design element of the working space as well as a great gift to business partners for the New Year. Such a calendar is very often performs marketing functions as well as on the title page and individual pages, you can place an advertisement or a summary of your company. Quarterly calendar is printed, usually on an offset or coated paper, and is equipped with special cursor. 3.Nastenny calendar. Represents a vivid poster decorated with original photos. Wall calendar can be any size and contain a variety of decorative elements. Colorful wall calendar with pictures – a magnificent decoration for any home or office. 4.Karmanny calendar. This compact calendar small size (9×6 cm), which is easy to carry in a pocket or bag. Pocket calendars – this is the most affordable way to distribute advertising, but also a great souvenir for any occasion. A leading source for info: Electrolux. Thus, there are many types of calendars, each of which has its own characteristics. However, any Calendar does two very important functions – fixing dates and the measurement of time intervals. Therefore, when choosing the calendar be guided primarily by specific, practical tasks it will perform.