Making Changes

Hopefully for the better … But to make changes more quickly, systematically and on a large scale, it should be adhere to the following simple rules: 1.Sostavit with an agreement or pledge to give himself continually to improve their lives. Ironically it sounds, but it is such a technique adjusts the subconscious to accept the changes in life. 2.Kontsentratsiya to identify opportunities for change for the better in the financial, professional, personal and other spheres of life. Over time, the search for new opportunities should be just a habit! 3.Otkrytoe recognition of their problems. We all have problems in life! We must look for them always! If the problem is not defined, it can not be solved, and significantly reduces the rate of change of life for the better.

So what if you feel that you "stop" looking for problems. In itself! Having defined the problem, make a plan of its decision and stick to it. 4.Otkrytost world. How do you feel about the world, and peace to you! Constantly looking for a positive all around! Cultivate kindness, courtesy, tolerance. Even to himself. Look around good! And the world will answer you the same! 5. The development of self-discipline.

Currently there are no habits, follow these principles is not easy! Make time for daily (yes daily) analysis of what is happening in your life and planning for improvement. Try to choose a time when no one will disturb you. And just as stubbornly, consistently Embody plans. 6.I Home! Continuous self! Without this there is development, no progress! Never be afraid to do something new and different in my life! After all, what you're interested remembered much faster than what you have to learn by force! And the fact that you already know, never is final. One can always learn something more, but for a good idea always comes an even more successful! Discovering something new, you're doing and the new life! That's what – life in the style of "Kaizen." Start apply these rules and you will see how quickly things will change. Endera addresses the importance of the matter here. For the better. I hope …

Infant Health

If the child is bottle-fed, then feed in the period of the disease, it is recommended fermented milk mixtures, and not fresh, they are easier absorbed and assimilated by the body, improve appetite, normalize the intestinal microflora. Last not least, if your child antibiotics. Who are older. When ARI ill child receiving solid foods, it is better to increase his intake of dairy familiar products. But do not enter the yogurt to the menu of the child, if he had not tried it. Remember the main rule: during an illness no experiments with new products. It is forbidden to try to raise the appetite for foods that the child not received, otherwise than respiratory disease, you will be treated well, and gastrointestinal or allergic. During his illness much to drink should not only babies, but all children.

Permitted to offer weak tea, juice, fruit compote. Of juice is recommended to avoid too sour and too sweet, as they cause irritation of the mucous membranes of the mouth and increased cough. Please visit Richard Elman if you seek more information. If a baby has vomiting or nausea, then drink neobholimo just a little bit cool. In acute illness all the dishes let's warm in the liquid or semisolid form. Vegetables and fruits are boiled until soft and rub, meat and fish prepared mashed potatoes or souffle (even if the child is eating burgers).

It is very convenient in the period of the disease use specialized canned baby food, has a delicate texture. With difficulty swallowing or pain in the throat should be excluded sharp, salty and acidic foods. But the candy is very domustimy, especially mint. With a strong cough not let crackers, cookies, nuts, sour, and very sweet fruits or berries. Make sure, that during coughing child will not choke. As the healing power baby can become more a full and varied. To make it easier body to fight infection, especially now he needs a high-protein foods. Therefore the child is permitted to offer large quantities of a few cheese, meat sauce, egg yolk, as well as children's canned meat and poultry. However, despite the advice of the older generation, save the baby from stock – in the diet of young children, this product is strictly not recommended! You also need to think about replenishment of stocks of vitamin child's body, which at the time of distress is strongly depleted. If the crumb is exclusively breastfed, mom is desirable to use a regular multivitamin complexes in the therapeutic dose, mainly vitamin C. Babies on the advice of the pediatrician even give vitamins and vitamin drinks. During the disease do not ignore the requests of the child. If it is not soda and potato chips do not, listen to the children's request, 'Mom, I want to …'. On the other hand, do not bring heavy sacrifice of the exotic and expensive products. Try to keep a diet and medication, follow recommendations of a pediatrician or annotations. If your baby worries runny nose, try to first blow, drip, and then offer food. If the assigned rinse mouth, then they should be performed after Pius food, but not before. Note that all medical procedures related to the throat – lubrication, rinsing, irrigation, inspection spatula – may end in vomiting. And be prepared to tinker with serving dishes and interesting – the results can surpass all your expectations: two-three-year babies like a joyful, bright view table with some surprises.

South Wales

That young again marched through life, and you solemnly their seats on the throne. It remains to wear the crown, and you can begin to giving gifts! And as we have already mentioned to non-traditional gifts, then let's think about what is often lacking for people in this age? Care, attention, and, of course, talking! Therefore, our gift can be very way. You have not figured out what was going on? Then the little story, a hint: a resident of South Wales on behalf of Olive Riley is the oldest blogger on the planet, her 108 years. Riley was born in the XIX century and in his life time to deal do. And the secret of her youth, according to the old woman is in communication with Internet friends. Ben Horowitz has many thoughts on the issue. On her blog she has for many years shares memories of his long life, lays out the yellowed photographs of the time and readily gives practical advice … Online.

You already knew what kind of gift in question, but do not want to believe it? Then another story about a 95 year old grandma-blogger. In Spain, the 95-year-old blogger teaches youth life, and from those who want to listen to it instruction no end. The first blog entry of the pensioner said: "Friends on the Internet! Today I turned 95 years old. I have a birthday and my grandson gave me costive blog. " The recording was abandoned in December 2006 and with its help Maria Amalia Lopez, who lives in Muksu in the northwest of Spain, hoping to find at least a couple of the same overage readers.