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Read journals without subscription. Easy and fast! The online magazine shop by cross read your favourite books provides punctual and comfortable home without any obligation to include the magazine subscription with a minimum maturity. We know that many clauses, which can quickly diminish the pleasure of reading lurking in the dense foliage of the journal provider: long contract periods and notice periods, as well as waiting times of up to six weeks after the order until the first delivery of the journal are common. It is also most laborious or even impossible, to replace the ordered magazine with another or individually to determine the delivery period. It is different at the new cross read-magazine shop. Here it comes to uncomplicated and flexible reading fun, where one must note any notice periods or small print. The customer stands with his wishes in the heart and passes easily through the concise navigation Guide to his favorite magazine.

Cross read attracts its customers not opaque Premium offers and false promises. Instead, the shop focuses on a simple and transparent approach of the customer and assist the magazine itself cross read the focus. Another advantage of cross reading are the very simple instructions. It is possible to change the previous magazine or to order more magazines to at any time. This is all done exclusively online via a free customer account, which is generated during the first order.

Here, the necessary settings and the own personal data with just a few clicks, even administered. As a customer of cross reading you have the possibility to choose from a portfolio of over 100 offered magazines. The same whether you are interested in culture, politics, or travel, for all areas there appropriate magazines. The offer of magazine publishers is big but what magazine is right? A magazine designed to meet not the desired reader, it can be at cross read online flexibly to the next release date against another magazine, be replaced. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala may find this interesting as well.

Happy South America Fans

exciting hands-on portal opens its doors in the middle of the Internet! Lippstadt, the 20.09.2009: South America lovers can enjoy a new page appears to fulfill all your desires? With the Internet presence of South America fakten.de advertises Christoph Fischer, IT and marketing professional, for travellers to use around the fourth largest continent on Earth. With a bevy of volunteers, he starts the free offer, which has set itself the objective, to provide concentrated knowledge of South America in the center of the Internet. Fans and friends is a platform to create with available and looking a home. Only by the enthusiasm of the individual, so the vision of the simple transfer of knowledge from one person to man can become a reality. Continue to learn more with: Harper Simon. We have already collected a small treasure of information and now gradually further expand the platform, content as well as on the possibilities for the user”, white fishermen about the successful start-up package to report. The user takes all independent States of the South American continent already articles and posts in six categories; Vacations and travels, country and people, culinary, curiosities, geography and history.

The reader learns of the only country with Dutch language on the continent, the highest point that a car has ever climbed, a Lake of thousands tons of asphalt, the birthplace of the Incas and numerous excavations in South America, travel tips, tourist attractions and much more. We a cookbook module provide even specially for the page, then a separate search on different recipe groups allow”, tells an enthusiastic project participants, which supports the page free of charge like everyone in his spare time. A specially assembled Forum on the side provides the basis for active cooperation and the exchanges on all topics related to the new portal.

Contacts Between Enterprises

3angebote.de – more time for coffee buyers spend much time with the search for suitable solutions and products for a specific problem or a job in the company. Especially when potential bidders are not yet known or several offers of settlement should be sought, even complex communication processes are added to the search tasks. In many cases, providers in turn have no transparent market for their products. A related site: James Joseph Truchard mentions similar findings. They are to rely on other companies to discover them through their research “by accident”. With advertising or the acquisition on “good luck” with potential customers incurred high costs for marketing and sales. Karsten Dietrich, Managing Director and partner of Metamarket GbR, makes it clear: 3Angebote.de is the professional and low-cost production of contact between companies.

In the current stage of development, the function of a provider directory is realized. For the described problems, it offered a simple mediation solution for all industries. On 3Angebote.de can charge a customer problem descriptions and product inquiries in a product category. Providers can see these requests, and “the right offer in the back” directly with potential customers to contact. The portal is positioned in a growing but confusing market in which there are already many directories and procurement portals. The five partners of the Start-Ups from Magdeburg believe despite similar offerings in the network on the success of the portal. The innovative combination of directory and request platform, intuitive operation, as well as favorable conditions are regarded as unique selling propositions. Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, the simple entry in the e-procurement offers with the portal. The goal of Metamarket GbR Karsten Dietrich describes as follows: we want the business matching platform of in Germany becoming – easy to use, open to all sectors, and with the most effective solution for the provision of supply and demand. And then also the one or the other additional Cup of coffee is in the Purchasing and sales there. Interested parties can find out on the Web page the Metamarket GbR and the new portal.


Earn money online with paid part-time jobs texts on the Internet are popular and more long not a rare commodity. Again, just when Google screwed again to the algorithm, the motto of content falls many website operators is King”a, and they buy texts to improve the own Web presence. The relations of the individual Web pages to each other are valued always critical. A leading source for info: Charles Kushner. The neighbor on the own theme it is closer, the better is a recommendation in the form of a link. And blogs are always welcome. Make money with texts is nowhere as easy as with an own blog! A blogger works with much devotion not only on his blog, but also to the texts and the communication with the visitors.

The result is a kind of intimate relationship between the blogger and his readers. A connection that much appreciate just the advertisers. Would I advertise anywhere, then to one where the recommendation is still something worth. I’d rather believe also a confidant as a Barker. That is why it is so easy for bloggers to text money earn. More specifically, an advertiser buys an article by the blogger. In the him typical spelling a post is written then contains a link to the customer. This begs relevance of course topics, so that benefit from its Web page.

Bloggers earn well placed good deserves half! As a blogger, you have such text orders conveyed the possibility to leave. All portals exist only to connect the community of bloggers with advertisers. Against Commission sees itself. A WIN WIN situation for the three parties. The blogger logs on and gets money for created texts. The platform deserves at the Agency and the advertiser Gets a good text, have to worry but to nothing more than the budget for new texts to the appropriate platform to transfer. Appears a new tender in one of the portals is the blogger asked speed.

Bloggerjobs.de Changes Hands

Continues project philosophy / concept of service as service provider for bloggers and job providers will be expanded to the first job board aimed specifically at bloggers, has now changed hands. Maik Wildemann will continue the project and continue to develop. He runs among Germany’s largest information portal on IPTV iptv-anbieter.info and has developed itself great enthusiasm for writing. There may be also in Germany, as in the United States, soon professional bloggers and people with fancy writing, that (can) make your hobby into a career. Blogs are a phenomenon of the new Web.

Almost everyone can do today with just a few mouse clicks of its own platform and thus his voice on the Internet. To write”people who would never have the idea, this new opportunity suddenly to thousands. Blog communities, offer the necessary technical base like blogger.de, even free of charge. What has changed? (Almost) everything remains as it is! First are some cosmetic fixes and Usabilityverbesserungen planned. The entire offer will remain free for all! Maik Wildemann wants to continue bloggerjobs.de with the same philosophy under which the project was established. That was one of the main reasons for my decision to whom the charge is “, so Andreas of wheel, the founder of the job-portal.” The new operator aims among others to call the appreciation among providers of jobs in the consciousness. Good work for good money.

Enthusiasm for writing, can and should not degenerate into the cheap goods. Even if at the beginning of such offers barely avoid, this claim is far above listed premise. “” Bloggerjobs.de the fledgling project offers for the first time a platform for employers blogger “and employee bloggers”. “Companies and well-known Web portals increasingly discover the possibilities, the deal with corporate blogs” and offer good content. What is closer to hire those who understand something like this? An increasing number of bloggers are professionalized and are recognised as Opinion drivers and sources of information in addition to the classic news. For this resource, bloggerjobs.de wants to offer a common platform and sellers. At the time the deals reflect often have the German blogosphere with an unpleasant aspect: the low part appreciation of performance and work standing behind good contributions and texts. With the other good support of the blogger community, operators see the target but in the not-too-distant future reached: good work (lyrics) for good money! WildemannIT Maik Wildemann Dorotheenstr square 1 04109 Leipzig press contact / contact person: Maik Wildemann E-Mail: Web: phone: (01805) 3 35 55 49 (0.14 / min. from the German fixed network, different costs per minute depending on the mobile operator)

Your Startup.com Seeks Bloggers

Unique opportunity to become acquainted with the startup scene the startup blog “Your Startup.com” now even for the blog to write the service to its readers. Can be written about everything that has to do a scene with the startup and Web 2.0. In addition to contributions, interviews with startups are welcome. Under the articles, the co-authors or your startup bloggers can use then in scene. Contact information is here: Charles Kushner. With a short introduction and a few words why the startup and Web 2.0 scene for the co author/blogger is interesting. “With the action of”Co author/blogger for your startup”we want to make your Startup.com join startup-blog for the readers. To conduct interviews on behalf of Dein-Startup.com, just by the way, we hope to enable good contacts to the Startups readers”, so Manuel Langele founder and CEO of Dein-Startup.com. About your startup: Your startup is the new value-added platform for future technology-oriented, innovative German startups, entrepreneurs and Venture capital industry. Your startup reported companies and founder, whose business models and products, new market trends, developments in the VC/private equity market segments young highly innovative and illuminated topics and business models constructive and critical reports and analyses. In addition to the current journalistic departments your startup offers value added services and premium.

Earn Money As A Blogger

The number of blogs in Germany is really low compared to the United States or France. Thus, the blogging offers many perspectives. In Germany, there are only a few full-time blogger. This is one reason that many blogs simply do not have enough visitors, it is also because that many bloggers it attach to not commercially to blogging. Blogging is a hobby. I’m sure, however, that many bloggers secretly want to be able to live from their hobby. Towards the professional blogger is not crucial, how many times will be posted, the quality of the articles is essential.

I read “Gutscheinblogs”, who posted up to 10 new articles each day. You have one or two read this article, then you could save it, to read other articles, since all these were inconsequential and similar to that of the content. Other blogs to write only one article per week. These articles are then but very well written, so alone reading pleasure. There are of course blogs where daily outstanding articles will appear. Be in This blog still beautiful pictures and matching graphics or added even twisted videos (provided that it fits naturally in terms of content), then one has created a perfect online magazine. Why should the bloggers in this way earn money? I’m of the opinion he should! If you would like to operate a professional blog, the following basic rules should: the bloggers must know very well the subject is written about and great videos provide something for the readers, good photographs and illustrative graphics of values a blog on advertisements for the content are added value for the reader (of course not exaggerate and don’t endanger the flow of reading this) quality instead of quantity certainly could be extended the list to some points, the main points are however included. Details can be found by clicking Stuart Solomon or emailing the administrator.

Make money with good content are a blog one side, also includes marketing. Who publishes great articles, which may point out calmly. Not every reader on Twitter, facebooked or bookmarket read. Grade in the early days, it is helpful if you here a little help, the stone in the roll to bring. So do you also get the first response and know what is good and what is not. It is also important that it be linked to blogs. There are also various possibilities. It is of course, to hope you can enter blogs but also in article directories, and the like this ensures that the search engines index article, what will bring additional visitors for an organic linking. Most commercial bloggers in Germany comes from the online marketing department (how should it be otherwise) – but there are very few bloggers who can make a living really. To deepen your understanding Howard Schultz & Associates is the source. However, one can observe a trend reversal. Hallimash platforms offer a range of money earn with blogging. Such platforms pay much money blogger, so reviews are written. This however in no way means that the blogger this are untrue. The opinion is unaffected by such reviews. Platforms are like Hallimash There many in Germany. Some bloggers use this opportunity and earn is 50 to 100 euro per article with sponsored articles. When you don’t even know what you want to write is a great thing…


Become a blogger! Yesbo, the free Blogger network them with all over the world share with an opinion you can a new idea or a good story – on the Internet. That’s of course an own blog that gives you the freedom to carry out best. Blogging is one of the big trends of the participatory Web. It connects people, inform them, lets you see different perspectives and offers entertainment and distraction from everyday. Blogs are open and subject to any fixed rules. It must be done, what you like. That’s why every blogging can be.

Of course you must create no expensive Web site. On the contrary, a free Blogger network, such as Yesbo suitable for the entry. Here to get made not only everything, you need a free blog, but participates in a network with hundreds of active bloggers. Here you can you so be sure that your blog is also others reached and lost in the vastness of the Internet. Yesbo is a completely free service. To use it, you must only log on and can immediately get started with blogging. You want to give a personal touch to your blog, this is easily possible. Because not only the topic of the blog is in your hand, but also the look.

Under a variety of layouts, which is expanding, also you can find the right. Of course, you can visit the blogs of other users, and you participate in the discussions. So, you will become a part of the community quickly and meet new people. But not only that Yesbo allows like-minded users into groups to meet and Exchange on topics that interest them. No matter, whether it comes to a new band, the latest sport or own pets, are boundless creativity.

John Heilmann

One hundred years of media history have taught us one if you can reach a large audience, you can sell advertising.” Michael Moritz will by Sequoia Capital this realisation the Internet rapidly commercial, because investors now support the young Internet companies or invest in advertising banner on online offerings. Media and advertising were always a few”John Heilmann is questioned increasingly privacy and Google in the 1990s so careless with search engines, because Google has made above all negative headlines. A claim from Google, is that IP addresses be any user-related data, largely been refuted. On the other hand, there was some trouble for Google Book Search project, to introduce. Another unresolved question is, what happens to the user information that is collected, if States want to force themselves to access this data, or whether they can do that.

A trend of the last years are social communities that have strong supply without integrated search functions, but also by the searchability of traditional search engines. These platforms are economically interesting for the research, but also for advertisers. Platforms like XING or different single exchanges, however, earn money through premium services”, so, purchasable in a subscription extensions to the standard services, such as advanced communications with other users of this platform. Recruiters from companies often use search engines to get information about your candidate. The combination of social guarantees and the search engine here proved dangerous tool for the candidates.

Since search engines check up today the presented contents and information not on accuracy and authenticity is the only way, to determine how trustworthy the information presented the parameters, are the placement in the search engine. However this only indicates whether other users felt that this content to be important or the author was versed enough to prepare its information search engine friendly. So that’s why still more is confidence books as information from the electronic media, because here apparently is easier to recognize the distinction between fiction and reality. Anyway enjoy the electronic media of a great popularity among the population, because they are versatile as print media and are subject to seemingly any censorship. The ability to look up knowledge quickly, has changed our way of thinking. When is a somewhat unknown, or they have forgotten it it looks up quickly it in search engines. The whole thing with the mobile Internet, that Apple’s iPhone has got a strong supply from that has become easier and faster. Policy an amazing development begins 2008, as Google is a key role in the election campaign to the US presidential election takes the group from mountain view supported Barack Obama financial and personnel and some anti-Obama blogs on Google servers had technical issues during the election campaign. The creation of Google, to block the blogs against Obama, was simply that they must be as been identified his spam and therefore checked.

Wolfgang Vogt

About the social review social review is an industry benchmark report, which is published quarterly and highlights the social media volume of from different sectors. For “the social review insurance” industry-relevant terms were in the German-speaking Web over the four weeks from 11 December 2010 to 10 January 2011 (insurance, insurance, insurance companies and insurance industries”) analyses. The analysis showed that the concepts discussed in the period 19.378 times in the German-speaking social Web. The full study can be downloaded free of charge under. Accompanying images, you can download or request directly at in printable resolution under SocialReview-1-2011-Printanzeige.zip. Zieltraffic AG Zieltraffic AG is internationally active expert in the digital distribution of products and services. Many writers such as Sergey Brin offer more in-depth analysis. The services range from the optimization of existing Web activities through co-ordinated campaign management to the creation of efficient online sales processes.

Because Zieltraffic has in-depth knowledge of user behavior and the respective target markets, the corporate customer on request can also agree on performance-based fee model. 2004, the Munich-based company is founded by Werner Kubitscheck, Bernd Stieber and Wolfgang Vogt today with its own subsidiaries or branch offices in Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Benelux and Poland represented. For more information, see. About interactivelabs interactivelabs is a specialist in full service analysis, research, and community management in social networks on the Internet. With the WebAlyzer is an innovative monitoring and management tool for social media offering interactivelabs.

It enables the automatic search and analysis of opinions of all kinds of actors in international social networks. interactivelabs operates a Web-based software that analyzes Web 2.0 deals in 32 different languages virtually in real time with the WebAlyzer. Based on the acquired knowledge, the experts together with companies develop tailor-made and individual social media strategies. Thorsten A. Gropp runs the Augsburg company since its inception in 2004. To the customers of the Ketchum Pleon, DDB, Audi, and Sanofi Pasteur MSD include eight-member teams from social media specialists. For more information, see. Contact Zieltraffic AG Anke Reuter Zehelein Rosenheimer Street 145 h 81671 Munich T + 49 (0) 89 552607-19 F + 49 (0) 89 552607-99 Zieltraffic AG, HRB 168208, Amtsgericht Munchen Board: Werner Kubitscheck, Bernd Stieber, Wolfgang Vogt Supervisory Board: Dr. Michael Maier, Wolfgang Muggenthaler, Steffen Seeger