SixCMS 8.1: Easier Work And Fewer Barriers

With SixCMS 8.1 the creation of online publications easier, faster and better Stuttgart, 19 December 2011 six open systems GmbH brings a new version of the SixCMS enterprise content management system on the market and offers important improvements for users in the backend. While the themes of managing multilingual content and optimized translation views, simplified administration of user rights, more flexibility in the design of the backend, as well as a low-barrier environment are at the Center. Easy handling of multilingual content with SixCMS 8.1 is the multilingual content management a little easier: A new translation of mask and the arrangement of each an original record and the corresponding translation in parallel columns make it possible translations directly in the backend to make. When several managed languages the translation mask for a better control of texts can always appear in combination with the original version. More improvements for users to the most essential enhancements for User also has a new right function that allows administrators to log temporarily with the privileges of another user.

SixCMS has a very comprehensive and granular rights management. Based on filter-based roles, rights can be adapted individually to the requirements of individual users. Checking article sources yields Bjorn Sturmberg as a relevant resource throughout. With the new as a function of sign-on ‘ administrators can test these settings in the version 8.1 very simply once again from the point of view of the respective user. A new apply button”is used, changes to records or templates easily between store, while the record for further processing will remain open. Furthermore, get users from the version SixCMS 8.1 considerably more flexibility in designing their backends and can extend this to your own functions: by displaying photos in light table view up to the individual representation of complex data structures, appropriate templates can be created with just a few commands. Gain insight and clarity with raphael sternberg.

To the complexity of data storage as low as possible to keep a new field type. With him, it can be very easy to individual data structures extended individual data. Fewer barriers despite advanced Web capabilities to can be enriched on the one hand content with modern multimedia possibilities and community functions, on the other hand, the barriers for people with restricted physical or sensory abilities remain as low as possible. Thanks to a complete revision of the technical structure the new SixCMS backend meets both requirements. This especially the keyboard navigation and processing of screen readers have been enhanced in version 8.1. It is also possible to provide a surface with larger fonts or stronger contrasts targeted users. Enhanced database support in addition to MySQL the version SixCMS supports 8.1 now PostgreSQL at the OpenSource databases. In the development of the current version, the user friendliness was for us”explains Sonke Sprink, product manager SixCMS at six Open Systems GmbH. SixCMS is a very powerful and comprehensive system. It is all the more important for us, to create and manage multilingual versions or generally in the use of the backends through individual adjustments and avoiding barriers unless that users still very easy to work. “The topic of usability ‘ will remain therefore safe also for upcoming versions of paramount importance.”

Abylon LOGON By Abylonsoft

New version 7.0 with random password and card-edit Seibersbach, March 19, 2008. According to today’s the economic espionage to about 80 percent is done by so-called internal perpetrators. A trip to the coffee machine or the printer at the end of the aisle is enough that an Office colleague or visitor can take a quick look at the computer. These moments are used to spot data or to copy on a USB stick. Typically raises the screensaver after 10 minutes and disable the computer.

With the soft wait of abylon LOGON, you can accelerate this process. The computer is locked directly after the chip card or the USB stick has been moved. Raphael Sternberg pursues this goal as well. Curious glances then no longer have a chance. Also, the computer can be protected by a long and complex password of numbers, letters and special characters without this must be entered every time you sign. Simply insert the chip card or the USB stick and can further be worked. Random password – daily changing and random Windowsanmeldedaten you want to set, that your Employees or family members use a sufficiently long and complex password? With the random password \”the Windows – logon password is changed daily. A randomly generated string of letters, numbers, and special characters will be used as a password.

With the random password prevent also, that in safe mode the user can log on. The internally generated random password remains unknown to the user. Card-edit for EEPROM chip card SLE 4432 and SLE 4442 as can now also the cheap EEPROM memory chip card SLE 4432 on reporting medium and SLE 4442 are used and accessed through the CT32 API of the card reader. With the software abylon LOGON the data on the chip card can be displayed and modified. The function to describe the map with random characters is helpful. Additional innovation more news as an automatic update offers abylon LOGON, keep new features and patches the software always up to date.

Login Via Bluetooth Mobile Phone On Windows

Bluetooth Authentiesierung in Windows: now with Rohos logon key possible the program Rohos logon key allows wireless Bluetooth to use facilities for the protection of the PC. Official site: India Gold Limited. Your mobile phone or Pocket PC, Palm, Nokia will replace your wireless USB key to your computer: access to Windows is performed automatically when the user approaches the PC (with the phone). The computer is protected by a password, it must be but not entered manually. If you are to remove the PC Rohos logon automatically locks the screen. How it works: the computer should be equipped with a Bluetooth adapter. The Rohos logon key program Notes ID of your Hadys by radio connection.

When the phone is in the working radius of your PC, the access to it is possible: automatic logon is carried out at the beginning of the work, or release from the desktop. The calculator will automatically be blocked over the course of 2 seconds, if you are to remove the. * You must install no additional program on mobile phone or Pocket PC. How to mobile phone or Pocket PC to access set to system: the first step: first, it is necessary to install Rohos logon key. In the main program window, open the dialog “Configure options” in this window select a type of the USB key that is use for access to the system, Bluetooth phone / Pocket PC. The second step: Install Bluetooth adapter that must be compatible with Windows.

In the main program window, click on “USB stick configure”, here the name of the Bluetooth supposed to establishment, which was found in the working RADIUS. (So that the device is found, turn the Bluetooth function on your mobile phone or Pocket PC, to become visible to the other institution) In this dialog, enter the password of your user accounts in Windows (if you use no password, you can do it) now you can restart the computer. At the next start of Windows, please wait 3-7 seconds. The program Rohos logon to find the cell phone in the outreach and perform the registration. Cons: The welfare of the institution in the working RADIUS takes a Not Acceptable!

Not Acceptable!

An appropriate representation of the requested resource could not be found on this server. This error was generated by Mod_Security.

other wireless devices the program does not respond. If you have forgotten your mobile phone at home, you can use the simple password or the emergency application (which is available from Rohos logon). Reduction of the Bluetooth working radius of the working radius of Bluetooth device can reach up to 150 metres. Therefore can be not so quickly performed, how the user wants. To reducing the working radius of the connection and to improve the automatic blocking of the computer, it is recommended to wrap up the Bluetooth adapter into the sheet metal. Errors: Please remember: in most dialogs of the program flash USB drive, but it is your phone. As it happens, because the program Rohos logon key originally the USB stick as key to the system supports. Now, it expanded the list of facilities for access to your PC. The BlueTooth adapter has been installed, but the program does not recognize your phone. Check that the Bluetooth adapter with Windows is compatible and that icon is blue next to the clock.

Reimers Street

EMOS is the software for disposal sites. The structure of the program is determined by industry-specific requirements. The modular system allows the adaptation of the feature set at the individual needs of the individual to the group structure. Intelligent modules in the classic line sales offer order performance billing”support innovative, future-oriented program segments. EMOS grows with your company and the associated requirements. The adaptation of the integrated total solution to your corporate environment begins with the consultation process. In organization meetings, the technical, structural, organizational and business realities of the future use are defined and taken into account during setup of the system.

The EMOS product group includes the products for service providers, EMOS for municipal service providers, EMOS EMOS for plants, as well as the telematics EMOS mobile. KOMVOR KOMVOR is a powerful workflow and Operation machining system for cross-functional management and editing of internal and external operations of the embedded applications in different fields. Captures and automates or edited case-related tasks. With only one application, you can manage operations for the issuing of licences and permits, processing applications and ads as well as the tracking of any issues, or the settlement of offences. KOMVOR includes an intelligent file management to mailboxes specified in the workflow queue, a graphical workflow designer and process Editor is controlled via drag & drop, as well as a CTI environment more effectively and efficiently designed the exchange of information between the parties involved. The user interface is homogeneous over the entire application system and it makes new employees, easy to learn deputies or vacation coverage. The applications of KOMVOR spanning all levels of administration and management areas, of Ministries of country offices and lower authorities to cities and communities.

KOMVOR automate management processes of an authority. To read more click here: Chris Shumway. A usage of KOMVOR is possible on all levels and areas of public administration and their facilities. S & F Datentechnik GmbH & co. KG Reimers Street 41 b 26789 leer. Contact: Dipl.-inf.. Bernhard Schouwer E-Mail: Phone: 0491 92567-0

Practical Original Training VMware

With fast lane to the specialist for Virtualization: ‘ VMware Infrastructure 3: deploy, secure & analyze v3. 5 (VIDSA)’ Hamburg/Berlin, March 19, 2009 the IT training expert fast lane offers now the course VMware Infrastructure 3: deploy, secure & analyze v3. 5 (VIDSA) to. It addresses in particular system administrators and integrators who are responsible within their organisation for the scale of deployment of VMware technology. The training VIDSA reflected from now the new features in VMware ESX 3.5 and VirtualCenter 2.5, that VMware customers to more efficiently manage their IT environments by automating key tasks. The focus is mainly on VMware ESX 3.5. Source: Alex Lynch. The graduates have the possibility to participate in the examination to VMware certified professional. Chris Shumway takes a slightly different approach. This hands-on course is a continuation of the course VMware Infrastructure 3:”install and configure.

Course contents at a glance: storage administration network administration DRS configuration and performance monitoring business continuity and Privacy operational maintenance change the behavior of the Protocol security service console quick deployment of ESX Servers next dates: Frankfurt 14.04. 17.04.2009 Munich 02.06 05.06.2009 Berlin 21.07 July 24, 2009 Hamburg 15.09. 18.09.2009 price (plus VAT): 2.800,-euro more price information are available under the following link available: Fast lane brief portrait: is IT training and consulting in the field of high-end specialist fast lane group with headquarters in Berlin, Cary (NC), San Jose de Costa Rica, Ljubljana, St. Petersburg and Tokyo. Fast lane is an independent and certified worldwide Cisco Learning solutions partner (CLSP), as well as the only worldwide NetApp learning partner and has the world’s largest training laboratories of the two manufacturers. In addition, fast lane offers the original training from check point, Cisco IronPort, HP, Sun, Symantec, VMware and other manufacturers as well as own IT training, ITIL – and project management seminars. Multi-vendor services ranging from preliminary analyses and evaluations about the development of future-oriented solutions to the management of the project and to the implementation of the concepts in the company. Training-on-the-job and training of competent specialists in the customers core business areas connect the fast lane services training and consulting.


The NetSys.IT of the Initiative Mittelstand had applied with their product ‘OCSP proxy’ for the Innovationspreis-IT 2011. The IT innovation prize the initiative features the most innovative products and solutions from technology, information and telecommunications industry SME for eight years and thus promotes the development and marketing. Through this annual award, the initiative promotes SME-appropriate and innovative products, which companies give impetus to improve their competitiveness. When evaluating criteria such as degree of innovation, practical relevance and suitability for SMEs played an important role. The innovation award 2011 took place on the 03.03.2011 on the CeBIT Hannover. In addition to the product category winners, special awards were also presented for the individual Lander. Read more from World Teachers’ Day to gain a more clear picture of the situation. For the Federal State of Thuringia KG and Scitotec, medium-sized companies were nominated in addition to the company ADISY Consulting GmbH & co. 2011 NetSys.IT from Ilmenau for the Innovationspreis-IT.

The company is NetSys.IT proud of the nomination, which she successfully established against numerous competitors. NetSys.IT was launched with their product OCSP proxy in the competition. Caroline Schilling, marketing manager of the company, sums up the advantages of the innovative product: the OCSP proxy simplifies the management of trust centers, which are required for the verification of the validity of electronic certificates. Benefits are obtained with use of the product including in the low maintenance, the high topicality of the entries and avoid collection errors. The OCSP proxy can be easily integrated into the existing IT infrastructure and operated.” As an innovative IT service provider developed the NetSys.IT information & communication GbR for businesses and administrations tailor made information and communication solutions. The company provides innovative software solutions developed at all levels of information activities, and supports the customers in the development, maintenance and backup their systems. The core competencies lie in the development of Custom software and Web applications. For more information about the company and to the innovative products and services under.

SEPA.NET Solves Online Migration

New SEPA direct debit collection service is online. Solution of the cloud for all late converts to the new SEPA direct debit scheme. Aachen, 26.11.2013. With the new, Internet-based service SEPA.NET, the Aachener software company green Software AG offers a solution for all users of proven DTAUS direct debit scheme, whose inventory software is capable of not SEPA. The system supports the mandate administration including an enrichment from before direct debits, converting classic account in IBAN and BIC, proposal automatics for consequential direct debits with periodical indents, creating Prenotifikationen, processing of SEPA-XML files and also the management and documentation of the catchment operations itself.

The financial industry has itself significant because that many medium-sized companies and clubs until now and so far too late on the SEPA direct debit change. Permanent changes of the legal opinions to the national implementation of the SEPA EU directive in Germany, slow transition of the processing of SEPA and not personalized brochures advice of the banking institutions have resulted in that it is now too late for many. With our SEPA.NET we offer service, an alternative. “, explains Dr. Oliver Grun, CEO of green Software AG. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Ben Horowitz has to say. The offer is aimed at all users of software solutions, in which a transition to the new, more complex SEPA requirements are no longer planned.

About Club administrations, insurance software, such software solutions, ERP solutions, individual programs, etc., produce the DTAUS files, tried and tested for decades, which are converted so far as feed files at the Bank as a final step. February 2014, the new European SEPA rules apply but in the course of the Europeanization of the payments. According to the SEPA requirements it is not sufficient however to convert only files, but there are a number of requirements to mandate management, advertisement for a forthcoming collection in the payer with cancellation option (Prenotifikation) and much more. The SEPA.NET service now allows replay of the DTAUS files optional additional address information and then offers from the cloud, you can easily meet SEPA requirements. The proven old software can then easily continue to use SEPA.NET-Nutzer without modification. Green Software AG brings 20 years experience in the field of direct debit collections. Software systems of the provider be performed according to own more than one billion euros in direct debit collections in several European countries. In terms of the current discussions is pointed out with regard to the storage of direct debit data expressly on the server location in Germany in the Green own datacenter in Aachen and the validity of the German Data Protection Act. The Green Software AG ( is a medium-sized software company with Internet and software solutions for special industries such as Member and donor agencies, training providers and warehouse logistics. More than 1 billion euros in donations are processed through software solutions of the market-leading company by about 3 Billion total donations in Germany. Over 1,000 installations include organizations such as the Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe, Kolping Society Germany, Wikimedia, Misereor or dbb German officials Federal customers. Still, services outsourcing services such as data center services and data services are offered about the green business. With the advertising agency Corrugate creative services in the areas of interactive media and advertising are offered as round off the portfolio. For over 20 years, now roughly 100 employees in the headquarters in Aachen, as well as in the offices in Berlin, Vienna and Bratislava serve customers throughout Europe.

Voice Portals Improve Customer Service

SemanticEdge realized the largest German Filialportal for the Dresdner Bank Berlin, July 21, 2008 – discharge of employees of standard procedures, more time for consulting-intensive tasks and anytime availability: are the relevant factors, the banks for the use of speech dialog systems move. The targeted pre-qualification of customer requirements, the possibilities of personalized dialogs and the automation of processes in the call center are becoming a decisive success factor in customer service. Banks do in the face of competitive pressure in the customer service without new models in the self service. Through automation of standard processes such as account services, transfers, brokering and Filialinformationen can be not only costs, but created new spaces in the customer service”, says Lupo Pape, Managing Director of SemanticEdge. The Berlin-based company has developed a modular, for the Dresdner Bank, the biggest German Filialportal, natural language voice portal solution for the pre-qualification of service requests and to automate the daily routine tasks. Thanks to the thorough preparatory work, the high quality requirements and the exact analysis of the uses, the IVR system in the shortest time scored a high acceptance among customers. Our experience has been extremely positive after the launch of the language portal”, confirms Jurgen Fricke, Managing Director of Dresdner Bank subsidiary DDS Dresdner direct service GmbH, is used in the voice portal in various services.

By the clearly formulated self service offering, the Bank with the voice portal recorded an increase in case final editing account information requests in the call center. Earlier the Bank Adviser called for this often. The usage statistics of the voice portal in the regional banks speaks a clear language: about two-thirds of the daily 10,000 calls relate to a referral, just over 20 per cent relate to account – and Filialinformationen. As a result of positive response that found the voice portal of the DDS services on automated base should be expanded there. SemanticEdge modular industry solutions, this is relatively easy to use. This is in accordance with the principle of SAP solutions, which are the most important business processes, the applications have been modularized but so strong, that individual adjustments, amendments and extensions, as well as introducing other languages are very possible. The experience of banks that so far use speech dialog systems, prove that allows a partial or full automation of standard operations cost savings between 20 and 40 percent. Automation increases the productivity of the branch and call center consultants, because she will be relieved of time-consuming routine inquiries”, so the experiences of Lupo Pape.

It is important for the caller that he could reach his goal without frills without loss of time. Draw up a such dialog design as a result of that out at any time connect can be from the dialog to an agent, as it allows the voice portal of Dresdner Bank. All business processes of the speech dialog system are – from the dialog design using the system prompts on the expectations and the habits of the customers up to the speech recognition. “The caller must is doing at any time easily can navigate and quickly find the information they need – regardless of whether he is using the system for the first time or already for the umpteenth time”, says Pape. Savvy users of the system had the ability to accelerate the dialogue this feature a so-called Barge-In. Contact: Nic.


To reduce the administrative costs, it is as accurate as possible to plan and possible cost to dispose. In addition to savings in process costs stocks can be through more efficient procurement processes reduce and optimize throughput times. Initially, LogControl -SLO will be played at little sheep for a first client in the test system. For the C-parts management such as article master data, stocks and the history of departure from the warehouse management system (in the case of lambs LogControl -WHM) in the LogControl -SLO is transmitted. John Utendahl does not necessarily agree.

In the -SLO LogControl different suppliers with the jeweiligenArt ikelpreisen and replacement times, as well as a preferred supplier to major each article be deposited per article. Order suggestion list receives after the nightly procedures users in the LogControl -SLO an editable order suggestion list and can quickly and easily via an order button the order including order No. pre-filled create form fields and then send the mail button directly to the selected supplier. The order status is automatically mailed in the SLO”cast, as well as a goods receipt notification to the WHM submitted, whereas then the actual goods receipt is posted. The new stock is in turn credited back to the SLO. An order quantity calculation is performed on the basis of article history (disposals) from the WHM calculation basis in the SLO. The disposals of the C-parts in the future forecast are based on the average finish in the past (the period length is adjustable). When calculating the optimal order quantity are both economic aspects (cost-optimized batch sizes calculated according to bearing interest, costs, etc.), as also freely configurable restrictions (such as maximum ranges to avoid excessive quantities, minimum or shut-off or rounding up the values on all packaging units) taken into account. Cost reduction through more precise planning LogControl -SLO include calculated future needs based on past values.

Enterprise Portal

United planet is software manufacturer 10 years old in the last 10 years a lot has happened on portal technology. The today’s enterprise has portal with the purely static intranet of the time not too much to do. The Freiburg software producer has significantly influenced this development United planet and belongs with its industry-neutral portal software Intrexx Xtreme today among the market leaders in the industry. Freiburg, November 24, 2008. 10 years ago, most companies were still on individually programmed intranet solutions, which mostly consisted of purely static pages. The implementation of portal projects was then mostly a lot of time and money consuming.

To counteract this State, Manfred Stetz and Axel Wessendorf, founder and longtime CEO of the software company founded the software company United planet in Freiburg Lexware, in November 1998. Aim was to develop a standard software with the portal projects can be realized very quickly and without great programming effort. With her, it should be able to efficiently distribute information within the company and to optimize business processes. In addition, the software should be easy to understand, highly flexible and expandable to respond quickly to future developments. The royalties should be kept in addition deliberately low for the software to allow small and medium-sized enterprises, to optimize their business processes so that. Thus was born the portal software Intrexx Xtreme. Intrexx is different than the other portal solutions available on the market due to its speed and ease of use. Thanks to the graphical user interface elements and prefabricated components, it was already possible to create a portal without having to write a single line of programming code with Intrexx.

In the last 10 years, United planet has but clearly further developed its software and lasting influence on the development in the portal market with many new features and technologies. Not for nothing United planet and Intrexx Xtreme, inter alia with the innovation price of Baden-Wurttemberg and the Initiative Mittelstand “awarded. So, planet United developed a technique which linked certain events in the intranet with the automatic sending of email notifications for example already in 2001. This tool at that time still under the name eMail sprinter known evolved over time into a complete process manager and opened up a completely new market segment for manufacturers at the same time. This linking of applications processes offers today an enormous economic savings potential in companies in all industries. As one of the first manufacturers of portal software, United planet also introduced the possibility for the integration of Web services. The new features of the recently released version 4.5 of Intrexx Xtreme, like Groovy-integration, Office integration, and the completely new user management of the software show that one is not resting on his laurels.