Company Product

Prejudice what are ideas or preconceived judgments that the customer has towards the company or the product. How to deal with her beam open-ended questions to see what the cause of that attitude. Doubt what the client is doubt that the product will provide the benefit that the seller says. How to deal with it using an argument of proof or demonstration. Focus on the need and not in doubt. Misunderstood in what arises from incomplete information or because the customer believes that the product has a disadvantage that in reality does not exist. How to deal with it find out why believes so.

Then clarify the misunderstanding. Disregard what is Customer already works with competition and does not want to refer to our products. How to deal with it find out that needs does not have covers with the competition and offers your products that meet those needs. Real disadvantage in what may be because the product does not offer an important customer benefit or something in your offer dislikes. Almost always it is usually the price. How to deal with her question to see what the scope of the objection. Then put other benefits of your product highlighted for him. Could you file differences in price.

Chapter 7: The resolution of objections techniques to resolve objections already have seen that the objections are resistors that customer poses to our offers. We have studied the types of objections and how to deal with them. Now we will analyze techniques to rebut the objections. Remember that we rebatimos objections, objections we never discussed with the client. Scale. We do accept customer objections and then show the advantages of a product or service that compensates for such objections. Alienation. This technique serves to objections that are opinions, feelings or concerns. We explained that other customers had the same opinion and later discovered that they had no reason to feel this way.