DoTERRA Essential Oils

The company distributes aterische oils & oil blends, body care & wellness products exclusively in direct selling. d? TERRA essential oils will begin in Europe, that founded in the spring of 2008 in the United States, company d? TERRA opened its sales in Europe. d? TERRA positioned itself with its products in the wellness and health market. Shortly after the start in the United States provided d? TERRA many positive headlines with a new approach alternative products to improve the health and well-being. d? TERRA’s wellness philosophy is based in a healthy lifestyle, and on its own responsibility to do something about it. In the United States, the company with the sale of 25 individual oils and 10 oil mixtures launching, it is d? TERRA with the development of an own standard ‘ certified pure therapeutic grade “on highest quality of essential oils and wellness products. In addition to the ongoing development of d is new essential oils and proprietary blends? TERRA in the future be Expand product range in the field of nutrition and wellness.

In Europe, the company now starts its pre-launch phase with the opening of its sales offices in England, to support his advisor and consultant. First meetings, in Germany and in the Netherlands at the end of September, could make the first interested himself is an impressive image of the company, management and the products. To market his exclusive products, the company chose direct and relies fully on referral marketing. Consultant and Advisor can already register in the ongoing pre-launch phase within the company and extensively test the products. Also offers d? TERRA the possibility of giving aroma touch technique, on d? TERRA’s essential oils & oil blends developed to learn aromatherapy massage. This new massage technique is ideal for the development of the own massage offerings and therefore specifically addressed massage practices, physical therapy and wellness facilities in hotels and sports facilities.