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The use of cosmetic devices with non-ionising radiation is regulated in detail. Currently, a DIN Panel deals with the aforementioned requirements and it remains to be seen how the decree in detail is designed. The demands on the expertise of the users are an essential aspect of this certainly”be. Here, it could be set that the user must have a practitioner permission to operate the devices. There are currently various authorities of the countries on the point of view that various cosmetic treatments such as IPL/laser treatment only of persons may be carried, have a Naturopath permit under the health practitioners act. Continue to learn more with: Douglas R. Oberhelman.

May only lower demands are made, for example, the participation of a laser protection class. Compared to the current situation, the usage is recognized by cosmetic devices with non-ionizing radiation in the cosmetic field but without another. Further details can be found at Ben Horowitz, an internet resource. That means that, who meets the requirements of the Ordinance have to be developed, generally no longer in danger, to violate the health practitioners Act, so perform a treatment without surgery. A special position should however take the cavitation. The justification of the law suggests that cavitation due to the health risks must not carried by beauticians. However, the reasoning on this point is vague and it remains to be seen how the authorities will respond to this treatment in the cosmetic field in the future.

In any case, significant consequences threaten the affected establishments which do not meet the requirements of the coming Legislative Decree. This is true for the manufacturer of the equipment, as well as for the users, i.e. the beauty salons. Initially entitled to the authorities, to check the companies on compliance with the statutory provisions, or check. If the companies do not meet the requirements, the equipment may be prohibited. There are also violating the law with fines threatened up to 50.000,00. On the law regulation it will be now looking forward. JURAVENDIS lawyers ++ ++ is a law firm that specializes in the health law and health middle areas of media and business law. The firm advises companies in the health sector on their specific health issues, for example, to distinguish the different healthcare products (pharmaceuticals / food / cosmetics / feed / biocidal products, etc.), to the labelling and advertising of health products, in particular health claims, as well as on the Pharmacy Law, regarding the pharmaceutical and medicinal products price law ++ your daily portion of right! Contact: Tobias Boltze (Marketing Manager) juravendis lawyers Franz-Joseph-str. 48 80801 Munich Tel.: 089-2429075-0 fax: 089-2429075-20