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In the past few years, the production of polyethylene pipes in Russia is actively developing. In this case, there is a change in the production of both qualitative and quantitative nature. In Russia there are new manufacturers of plastic pipes, as well as expanding product line. Volume production of polyethylene pipes in Russia in 2005 amounted to 175 thousand tons, which is higher than the rate in 2004 to 35%. For several years, the bulk of the tubes made in Russia, accounts for polyethylene pipes (according to our estimates, in 2005 – 75%). Kevin Johnson takes a slightly different approach. In January-February 2006, was produced 18 thousand tons of polyethylene pipe, which is higher than the same period of 2005 to 20%. In this case, should be noted that in January-February smoothly worked only a few large and medium-sized enterprises.

As for small businesses, they are mostly idle. In addition, the later start to the season due to weather conditions led to the fact that the stocks of producers have increased significantly. Now in Russia polyethylene pipes produce more than ninety companies. Their number is growing every year because of growing demand. In the bulk of this company with some manufacturing facilities, whose products are distributed in local markets. A large number of small producers is due, primarily, ease entry into the business and ease the process. An important factor in increasing the number of manufacturers of plastic pipe is a quick return on investment. At the moment, spread the cost of equipment for the production of polyethylene pipes is considerable.

Russian Entrance Steel Doors – Made In China ?

Each of us once faced with buying the products of Chinese manufacturers. Many of them neglect they say: ‘Once China, all these states. ” But let’s look at the other side. To date, China – a country with the most high rates of economic growth, the country where private business was given a ‘green light’. Chinese goods can now be seen not only anywhere in the world, but also in space. Consider the example of the entry door. About Chinese steel entrance doors say a lot: and use them no, and the metal of poor quality and poor locks, doors and they can be called a stretch Stroll through the forums on the Internet, you’ll find plenty of unflattering reviews. But reviewers often write those firms that failed to make such sales figures or whose door simply inferior in quality and design of the Chinese, and often is, and friend. Now we will try to objectively understand, and so there are bad Chinese steel entrance door or a view of the crowd. Let’s start with the design. Would be unfair to say that the appearance is poor. Exterior doors virtually faultless. To make such steel Door requires precision equipment and new technologies, and this in turn possible only in conditions of large enterprises. Today is a guarantee of quality and reliability is used in the production bending equipment, and this is precisely, and is used in the manufacture of Chinese entrance steel doors. Most doors are made to import advanced technology: steel doors are made from whole Cold-rolled sheet metal, the edges of which are bent so that the force between the frame and canvas a steel door formed a single entity, and the power frame is further supported by ribs, after which it is welded duct and a plate to protect a group of castle and was on the line with quality control throughout the process. Now for the locks. Steel doors are equipped with cylinder lock with an automatic recoding, and a set of keys. The keys are made with special technology with perforations, that is, have point notch. Their number equals the number of locking pins (pins) in the cylinder mechanism. Note that a fake key is virtually impossible – the keys are made in special ‘semi’ form, the locks are more than 3 million key combinations. Each key is unique and unrepeatable. For security purposes, to the castle attached 5 (A) business and 2 (b) assembling the key (for builders and installers). During the finishing work in your apartment master key used by A, but as soon as you start to apply the key B, the key is to become a non-working and no need to change the lock. This system ensures safety of property, your peace of mind. If necessary (for example, in case of loss of keys), you can easily change the cylinder, without replacing the lock. In addition, quality and attractive Chinese entrance steel doors, relatively inexpensive. Of course, you can find the steel doors of European manufacturers for $ 2000 and above. But the average Russian the buyer does not buy in a nearby supermarket for breakfast caviar and goes to work in a limousine. So why compare? Maybe it’s time to stop hanging labels, and start looking at things objectively? PSMnogie firms offer China’s entrance steel doors, passing them off as domestic.

The Application

However, if the buyer is purchasing coverage for temporary installation on a parquet floor, it is necessary to warn him that the man-made jute – a very hard material, and its threads have very sharp edges, so operation will behave just like sandpaper. Consequently, after using the cover needs to be done sanding hardwood floor to give him a normal appearance. Latex rubber (coating on the foam-based) Manufacturing secondary basis of latex rubber – a lengthy process. It consists of two stages – the application and polymerization of the deposited layer. Secondary layer of rubber is applied by spraying a mixture of uniform, thin layer on a primary basis.

Mainly used for this purpose synthetic rubber latex with the addition of a large number of the filler, usually calcium carbonate. The basic condition for enhancing the chemical process Foam is a thermal effect. Observing a certain temperature, the polymerization is carried out, and as a consequence, the formation of foam, a secondary basis. The quality of rubber is defined very simply: the smaller pore size and the more of them per unit volume, the rubber tighter and better. Carpeting on the basis of foam have been popular in the 70's and 80's in Europe. Explanation of this fact can be found by reading the benefits and disadvantages of this type of foundation.

Advantages. Additional sound and heat insulation, the feeling of softness and comfort even at low altitude nap and density padding. Conservation of linear dimensions for wet cleaning. Snug fit carpet to the floor and as a consequence, the lack of lines and wrinkles on the surface.