Practice Meditation

Possibilities for meditation to meditate can choose anywhere in our preference, whether it is a natural and outdoor environment, or some closed corner. If you opt for the first thing, may be a park, the beach, the sunset to absorb the energy, or to soak up the magic depth of night. If the alternative is an area of your House, then you can create your own scenery and mood you in the most attractive way: candles, incense, music anything is required or determinative. The energy that we receive is for States dimensional, not by the amount of candles that you turn on or the music you choose. But yes, you can avail ourselves to stimulate our deliverance, our relaxation. What matters is to seek the silence, that nothing can stop us in our meditation. Very important: meditation is like climbing a high mountain. Although we create have arrived and we feel satisfied with the achievement, we should not deternernos, because in this way, without complying with the goal, the object of our meditation will remain hidden.. .