Great Influence

1 Leave the other person creates the idea that it is her. Like anyone feel that they want to compel to do something or buy something. Remember that people with which we are dealing are as human as the Sr Wilson Adviser of the President and President Wilson who was telling you the best ideas that had used them as theirs; that I mean with this example, as you well explain, in life many times we have encountered people as President Wilson, who believe that plagiarizing ideas of others are making a good for them; and what they don’t realize is that they are not being honest with themselves and late or early charged them life and not in a proper way. Mercuria follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. So it is that you encourage to you to develop your own ideas, to which you do not steal the thoughts of others, but rather thinks, analyzes and practice your idea, because only you are owner of what you think and say; because there is nothing more rewarding in life than to achieve success with the originality that identifies you. So is owner and creator of your own ideas and do not talk and think about the as your Supreme is unique and you’ll see that you get the true happiness. 2. Try honestly to see things from the outside point of view.

Some reason there will be others think and proceed as you do. Do not you think? Ponte instead, think like them or how they see things from your point of view and I assure you that it will be much easier to understand them and why acting in a certain way. I’d rather be me 2 hours on the sidewalk of the client that I am going to visit before entering his Office without a perfectly clear idea of that is what I am going to say, and what more likely I will respond, according to the knowledge that I have about their interests, desires and reason – Mistor Donham Dean of Harvard University.