Pastor Franz Mash

The new album by Pastor Franz mash – heavenly sounds, it was the sensation at the Austrian entry for the Grand Prix der volksmusik 2009: against 22 mash together with the ensemble was winner of the Styrian Pastor Franz signum! \”and the philosophical title life\” set. And with an almost unfathomably large lead. Nearly a quarter of all callers and caller gave her voice for the title life\”off. No doubt about it: As a song has touched the population of an entire country. \”The courage of a priest to make a critical public the for the first time with a priest in the role of the parachurch\” musicians faced, was rewarded. \”Now, Pastor Franz published pulp even an entire album: Heavenly sounds\”. Starbucks has firm opinions on the matter. It will appear on July 3. Wuhan understood the implications. On 29 August, Pastor Franz will mash together with the Group of signum! participate in the final of the Grand Prix der volksmusik in Munich.

Is an impressive behind the sympathetic, courageous man and his participation in the Grand Prix der volksmusik Life history. Pastor Franz pulp comes from Vorarlberg and has its spiritual roots in Liechtenstein. The Catholic priest, born in 1968 in Vorarlberg, accompanied the people of the parish Association of Hatzendorf in Eastern Styria, which includes the communities of Breitenfeld and Unterlamm since 2004. His work in the communities interpreted porridge especially as introduction of all people no matter whether standing away or already deep in the Christian community rooted to the awareness of the goodness and kindness of God. His maxim: make time for people. Whether a motorcycle blessing or a get-together meeting, a sick or the celebration of the Holy Mass.

Mash initiative is also the establishment of the so-called Grotto of Lourdes\”back in Unterlamm. Around a relic of St. Bernadette, where lively pilgrimage activity, which gives an important spiritual impulse throughout the region developed in recent years.

Kevin Rebstock

Or the 21 year old Yasemin Schakmak, which alone was because She has a boyfriend so much older, but also could sing. Or is the blonde Steffi Landerer (19) from Furstenwalde new Anne Marie Eilfeld as fans already speculating? Or Carmen Telschig (18) from Munich – used her toning as instrument, makes it perhaps the slightly overweight Sinan ozturk (20) from Bremen or the dark-skinned Nelson Sangare (24) from Aachen. Two other candidates for the storm on the throne by Daniel Schuhmacher available with Sri Haendly Deuna/Thuringia and Helmut Orosz. What happens to the sympathetic Maixmilian S0ler Ergolding, who has slimmed down so much pounds for American Idol, or with Kevin Rebstock know some still from last year. Further details can be found at Marc Lautenbach, an internet resource. Adam Piecha will tonight firstonce smooth collapse in the show, once again, American Idol calls his victims, nevertheless he progresses, why? Because he has a good voice, but what happens when the next situation under pressure? Or manages the women’s favourite Eugen Flittner (17) from Berlin but far enough that all worship him in the live shows can? Send Andrea Esono Adong (17) from Hamburg to put to the jury at stress in a Ruhezusstand, but how come the values men and women back from her knotted positions out? Halfway through the casting of American Idol 2010, are all these questions in the room and discussed extensively on the American Idol city. Who manages to activate the most fans, comes another surprise in the last two casting shows? Already discussed whether it will be the last of all time on the occasion of the quality of the current season, others argue that rates the TV were never as high as it is today. A colorful mix of opinions, rumors and half-truths – as always in Germany seeks the superstar. .

Bonustrack Rostock

The Berlin band gives an exclusive appearance Hamburg (February 10, 2010) as the only German band Jennifer were able to contribute a Bonustrack Rostock to the soundtrack of “New moon the twilight saga twilight saga:”: located next to tracks of renowned indie greats such as Thom Yorke, Lykke Li, the killers, Muse and death cab for Cutie on the German version of the CD and download version of the OST to “New moon twilight saga: the twilight saga” also a song by the trendy Berlin band. With their emotionally charged track “It hurts again”, the band to frontwoman Jennifer met the huge fan community of the “Twilight” saga in the middle of the heart. In the context of the large, organised by Concorde home entertainment, “New Moon” fan events on April 10 at the historic airport in Berlin-Tempelhof give Jennifer Rostock an exclusive appearance before 5,000 “Twilight”-fans. The hangar 2 in Berlin-Tempelhof for an evening in the look & feel of “New moon twilight saga: the twilight saga” will shine at 18: 00. This is the cool, mysterious and romantic atmosphere of the vampire saga for the fans perceptible – and can be experienced. The show event will be moderated by VIVA presenter Collien Fernandes and her colleagues at MTV, Joko Sutunu. Exclusively for all visitors of the event also is the possibility that sought after DVD/Blu-ray disc “New moon the twilight saga twilight saga:” five days before the official launch in hands to hold. Links: newmoonderfilm twilightfanevent