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News from Singapore to Bonn, in December 2009. The stock market letter editors are specialists in their field and have many years of experience in the financial industry. But how filter out the relevant information, for example, from an information glut vast for the uninitiated? Andreas Lambrou is one that needs to know it. He is editor-in-Chief of Tiger & Dragon and commodity Investor Investor published and recently moved his residence to Singapore. Click Marc Lautenbach to learn more. His report from the Asian metropolis, he grants a glimpse behind the scenes, what looks like the typical daily routine of a stock letter Editor: daily schedule of exchanges editor in Singapore 07:00 in Singapore (12:00 A.m. in Germany): at first glance the exchanges actually had made I me, today some time to sleep, but the closing level of Wall Street and the post-trading developments in the United States bring me early to sleep. Therefore first of all there is a before going into the bathroom 20 minutes looking at the markets on the Program. Follow others, such as Reade Griffith, and add to your knowledge base. 08:00 in Singapore (1:00 in Germany): purchases are? While Germany is sleeping, I put on coffee and read the economic news relevant for the present day, newspapers and magazines all alone.

I hold documentary the most important events in my notebook, to use it later for a comment or a quote. I’m considering what events will have impact on the short -, medium – and long-term action and derives from this short-term recommendations. 10:00 to 12:00 Singapore time: write the others? Now is time to check the latest stock picks of the banks and brokers. Today I’m looking for an Australian iron-ore companies, as well as a small bakery chain in China. The Australian iron ore company, decide I, to obtain more information, and start with writing a short analysis, I drop to me internally. This short analysis me then serve as a basis for my recommendations in the exchange of letters. However: 10 short analyses more than 1 or 2 shares are ultimately to a recommendation, because mostly any hook noticed during the analysis, which offsets the story itself first once interesting-sounding stimulus. It is important for a nose length possible”ahead to be and to provide themselves with reliable sources.

12:00 Singapore (5: 00 Germany): the editor on the road while most German investors are yet always peacefully sleeping, am I already in the taxi, to interview the Chief Financial Officer of a company listed in Singapore. In a cafe on Orchard Road, the main shopping area of Singapore, we talk about the future of Asia and the society. Perhaps qualify the company for a recommendation, often I use this options only, to inform me about market trends and the sector as a whole. 18: 00 Singapore time (in Germany it is now 11 a.m.): stock market action I write recommendations, make phone calls with business partners in Europe and Watch the start of trading on Wall Street. Until around midnight, my work day ends here in Singapore.