Feathers, upon which so much of bird life, regularly drop out, instead of grow new ones. This happens usually once a year. But the rest of the birds to take care of their 'feather bed' carefully, putting feathers daily cosmetic procedures. The birds washed into the water, wipe the dust. Each feather sticking out neatly stacked in place. (Source: Harper Simon). That's why the first sign of disease of birds and your pet including – ruffled feathers, and dull color. And why is it so terrible to look at the birds lined with hanging helplessly wing. Many birds in the skin at the base of the tail has a large sebaceous glands.

From this bird's beak takes a drop of fat and lubricates the pen for the pen, giving them the flexibility and water repellency. But some birds, including some parrots, these glands do not have. They smeared his feathers are not fat, and particularly the smallest, like talcum powder – feather powder. This powder in birds is always with you, and powder-box – nothing as special feathers, which sometimes grow beams, sometimes distributed across the pen cover. Birds crush the tips of these feathers, and the powder is ready! Birds do not need accustomed to the observance of hygiene rules, they are the foundation for her life.

The air time spent on bird toilet, fully paid off. Carefully arranged feathers give the bird a well streamlined contour, so that through the air does not lets fly. Modern fighter jets reach high speeds, folding in flight, its wings just like their cuddles the body of peregrine falcon, which rushes down from heaven to catch with a speed of 130 kilometers per hour. Wings gliders are long and narrow; climb in thermals, they then glide slowly and gently falling down. And albatrosses, the largest flying birds, whose wings have the same elongated shape and magnitude to 3 meters, clock floats in air masses over the ocean, without making a single flap. Horizontal propeller helicopter allows it to hover in the air. Hummingbirds take an almost vertical position, and their wings beat with frequency of 80 strokes per second. Thus, hummingbirds and hang in the air on the spot, and even move backwards.

Bobtail. Useful Information About The Furry Animal .

Buying a pet for their own housing, a large number of modern city dwellers, as a rule, decide to stay on the cat. And not for the sole purpose to ensure that the rats, as in order to purchase housing maximum amount of warmth and elegance, and with the fewest problems. Since every cat, unlike dogs, never may require the owner of an increased amount of attention. Cat is quite able to take herself, of course, in the presence of a sound body of their own toys. Supervision of any cat would require too much: in most of the options rather create "a separate living space" – I mean, the space for sleeping, bowls with food and water, and besides the toilet. If the cat – with a thick coat, at the same time need to attend to comb and recorded in the habit of periodic comb.

And yet, this event very appeasing, and lets you relax after a hard day. Other nuances of every cat easily decide personally. In addition, pregnant cat usually mild, and most important – is to give Mother Nature a chance resolve all without exception of their efforts. Naturally, if you will select a cat, a complex evolution is not really much left of the natural course of development. After all, animals are often complicated rocks may have a significant number of attractive qualities, such as elongated and luxurious sherstku (or its absence) and that pretty is not particularly suited to normal life. In this case, need to constantly keep in touch with your veterinarian. And even more so – a period when the cat is waiting for its own first progeny. At the moment, in order to get a particular cat, most people go the old fashioned way to "animal market." It is permissible for a small fee – and sometimes, in principle, for free – look for a cute pet, which will entertain you with a very long time.

But if you are not attracted by the charming, but without the pedigree of a small kitten, the most right to stay on the official fan club of cats. At this point, you absolutely will be able to select his home animal with a long pedigree – is able to be a bobtail or belonging to the Sphynx cat, as they say, the question of taste preferences. And while you can always get advice and professional, and be able to select a suitable pet for their own partner to produce offspring, not remembering even this, that and also the youngest purebred kitten perfectly informed and the application of the cat's tray, and other cosmetic measures, as he met with them very early time. It should furthermore be said that, of course, selecting the favorite among these members, you will be able to participate in cat shows, maybe even take with your pet first position, which is also quite nice.