Complaints And Claims Of Product Quality

The Code sets out a short deadline for termination of service or quality defect, in order to enable the seller to find a short term that the operation is finished. As for the notice period must be distinguished: that in the case of defects, defects in quality or quantity to be apparent, that is, they can be known by the buyer to receive the goods in the first case the buyer must report faults or defects in the act of delivering the goods if you look at, because if you do not report at this time, the buyer loses all rights to claim for this cause. The test may be voluntary or mandatory for the seller requires. If the buyer examines them in the act, being packed, has a period of four days that was to make the reporting of defects or flaws if they are internal, that is, when no faults or defects seanreconociblesen the consideration of the thing at the time of delivery, the buyer has a period of thirty days from this paradenunciarlos. These deadlines may be changed by the will of the parties. The complaint must be made to the vendor or surepresentantede However, because the important thing is that the buyer sudisconformidadcon their attention the provision of services. The effects of the complaint are that the buyer keeps the action to claim against the seller. If the defects are apparent, the buyer can request termination of the contract or sucumplimientoy in either case compensation for damages. If it is hidden actions in this case recognized by the CC in the space of six months from delivery.