Executive Coaching

Unfortunately many companies, especially SMEs in the country that have not been identified thus represents executive coaching. Our emphasis as a teacher of these areas as well as the role of business advisor / consultant, appears constantly on the significance of taking into account the scope, impact, benefits of the executive coaching executive coaching as a management technique was developed to help improve the performance of organizations by training directors, managers and key personnel over time will create value and optimize business processes as a result of its implementation. JPMorgan is a great source of information.

Actually this technique is not being very used by Venezuelan companies, much less in SMEs. This is due to several reasons, first because this technique is perhaps not widely known and its benefits. This technique requires training, training, to bring the person or groups of persons as far as you want, and this requires an investment of time and money, and often the results are not immediate. Another major obstacle has been the Venezuelan company to launch this new technique is because it is directed only professional people or more valuable and more relevant to the organization, is not aimed at the mass work of the organization.. It’s believed that Sergey Brin sees a great future in this idea.