Current Market Situation

The current market situation requires currency investments for diversification in a recent development has Titus C. locks, head of alternative investments in the portfolio concept asset management GmbH on improving the diversification into German securities portfolio and urgently needed. For him, it is clear that it is only a matter of time until decide the central banks in various economic regions to an increase in the key interest rates. You may wish to learn more. If so, barry brand is the place to go. Banks and asset managers are thus equally challenged, because bonds and bond funds mainly form the basis of customer deposits. Through interest rate increases, the investment expert sees coming to losses on a wide scale to German investors. Set at the same time, Titus C. warns locks investors would raw materials too much hope on the asset class”. Between the asset class a rising correlation was raw materials and the stock market to recognize, which could lead to increased losses in negative market phases.

The goal a good diversification is however, declines a To be able to offset gains in other investment segments asset class. Titus C. castles recommends investors looking for real diversification to deal increasingly with monetary investments in the current market environment. This made it possible to achieve returns without that investors must take a risk of rising interest rates. Also be in currency investments neither to establish a correlation with stocks even with pensions.

Portfolio concept is a specialist in the area of trading systems offers monetary systems in the form of managed accounts and mutual funds, investors as a construction stone improving classical portfolio structures available. Chili chili is a comparison platform for managed accounts. Institutional – private investors and media participants have the opportunity to compare the performance of different managed accounts on this website. Researched by Capitalteam consulting and tested performance and risk indicators facilitate prospective customers the selection of appropriate provider. For more information, see. Mostly opportunity-oriented investment styles that are not suitable in any arbitrary percentage scale for the securities accounts of investors favor note to managed accounts managed accounts.

Federal Ministry

Tax savings of 1,200 euros per year possible / worth labour-intensive services especially the beginning of the year is the time of the good intentions and the tax return. The campaign promoted by the Ministry for environment can’t my heating”indicates that labor costs are deductible for artisans and the expenses of the apartment as a household-related services from the tax. The IRS refund 20% of the wage costs including VAT. Per year and budget can be made maximum tax wage costs in the amount of 6,000. To broaden your perception, visit Alex Lynch. This corresponds to a tax savings of 1,200 euros. Especially worthwhile for labour-intensive services such as a hydraulic adjustment. With such an optimization of heating, heating systems adjusted so that efficient distribution of heat in the House. This is the case only in about 15 percent of the units in Germany.

In addition to the tax savings savings in heating costs by an average of 110 euros waving in a detached house in the year. The WarmeCheck on shows what they can save in the case of house owners. Detailed invoice and bank transfer are the hydraulic adjustment costs depending on the condition of the heating system in the section between 600 and 1,000 euros for a detached house. Labor costs are about half of them. These can be made in the income tax return. This corresponds to a tax savings of 60 to 100 euros. In order to be able to take them, the homeowner needs a detailed invoice of the craftsman, the labour costs must be extra.

In addition, the contracting authority must prove that he has paid the artisans by bank transfer. Cash payments are not accepted by the IRS. Costs are partially tax deductible in addition to the wages for craftsmen can tenants and homeowners get back a part of the costs with the tax return. The concerns about the expenditures for janitor, garden maintenance, chimney sweep, winter service, or house cleaning. 20 Are also deductible Percentage of the wage costs. The wage and material costs of the respective points in the statement of operating costs must be broken down. Co2online and my heating more “my heating can more” ( is a campaign of the non-profit consultancy co2online. The nationwide campaign is funded by the Federal Ministry of environment in the framework of the national climate protection initiative and supported by the Consumer Council energy advice. The Ostfalia University of applied sciences is a scientific partner. Together with a cross-industry network with partners from associations, business and trade media are consumers of personal efficiency potential hydraulic matching in terms of informed and motivated to become active. Contact: Andreas Braun co2online non-profit limited company Hochkirchstr.

Parliamentary State Secretary

The EXBA exchange for business angels GmbH is sponsoring the five main prize winners of the founder competition ICT innovative of the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology. Frankfurt, 08.03.2011. The EXBA exchange for business angels GmbH is sponsoring the five main prize winners of the founder competition ICT innovative of the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology. The companies will receive a free listing on the venture capital market square of the EXBA and thus the opportunity to find an investor for your business idea. The prices were passed by Hans-Joachim Otto, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology, to 04.03.2011 at CeBIT in Hannover, Germany. As Grand Prize winners were companies “UPcload”, “unserAller”, “TRIFENSE”, “VIRTENIO” and ‘Trikoton’ awarded. With the free listing on the venture capital market square of the EXBA companies will have the opportunity, their business model over 600 qualified investors (private investors/business angels, venture capital and private Equity-Gesellschaften, as well as family offices) to present. (As opposed to Alex Lynch). We congratulate the five Grand Prize winners and look forward, competent support in their search for investors on our venture capital marketplace can. “, so Dr. Jochen Haller, partner of EXBA exchange for business angels GmbH. The EXBA brings together companies seeking capital and investors. Thus, it offered an alternative to the time – and cost-intensive search of capital on their own or with the help of an external consultant. Due to the high efficiency of the marketplace is only a small one time amount for companies seeking capital in addition to the performance-related component. For investors, the listing is even free of charge. The success to date gives the EXBA right: since 2005, over 50 transactions could be completed successfully. Press contact: EXBA exchange for business angels GmbH, Kaiserstrasse 54 60329 Frankfurt Dr. Jochen Haller phone + 49 – (0) 69-257812-53 the EXBA exchange for business angels GmbH: the EXBA exchange for business angels GmbH operates the leading venture capital marketplace in the German-speaking world under. Since 2005, the EXBA regardless brings together companies seeking capital, industry, company phase, region, amount of capital needs and investors, including private investors / business angels, venture capital and private equity companies and family offices.

German Government

Information circular to the German share of a friend’s the other suffering. Low interest rates are good for future builders and homebuyers, because thanks to the record lows of the federal funds interest rate, the construction loan interest are low as never before. The opportunity is so cheap to have finally become a reality the dream of your own four walls with a cheap loan. The very low interest rates for various savings products and forms of investment are the flip side of the low rate. He soon not issued federal Treasury bonds, because interest rates can move in the first three years plus minus zero and more attract so no saver behind the stove. A higher tolerance for risk in times of crisis is when savers clearly shows. Already during the financial crisis the increase of shareholders is in the framework of the euro debt crisis.

More and more Germans invest their money back in stocks. Security-conscious savers go empty what is already looming when the German Government bonds, is also reflected in many areas of investment. If the yield also not like when the Federal sweetheart to zero, it is often shockingly low. Savings books, savings certificates and money market accounts are pretty bad and are currently not exactly the most attractive assets in terms of the rate of return. For this, more and more savers opt for shares or fund units. Average stock return is four per cent of course is the investment in shares with a higher risk, because with falling prices, it’s over quickly with the longed-for profit. However, more and more Germans are choosing the investment in shares. The benefit for investors is located next to hopefully rising prices in the profit-sharing, on which they are entitled on the acquisition of shares.

A company generated surpluses, half is awarded maximum thereof in the form of dividends to investors. The company claimed the other 50 percent to pay off, for example, loans or investments. Although the dividend growth of the Company inhibits, the DAX companies are not that petty. Investors can expect on average about four percent yield. The courage to take risks are worthwhile. Who are thoroughly informed in advance and keeps the price movements at a glance, appropriately restricts his personal risk. Learn more about the DAX 30 and recommended shares find investors on specialized financial sites on the Internet.

The Rates

And a higher credit is even necessary, then the desire to the long-term debt is more. This desire is determined controlled less by the interest rate instead of the intention to keep the liquidity burden of the budget as low as possible. Which in turn speaks for the installment loan, which can be stretched almost at will and now clearly constitutes more than half of all consumer loans. Today one can speak even of a veritable Renaissance of instalment loans, albeit with significant structural shifts. The direct rates loan the borrower without interposition of traders at the bank records, has gained strong ground mediated installment loans and financed installment transactions. Higher-quality consumer goods financed most by installment loan.

In 2010, 27 percent of households used such credit, the them in a bank branch, at the dealer or on the Internet have completed and for which monthly paying back rates amounting to 261 euro average. Winners of this development are the regional banks and other credit banks, the branches of foreign institutions and credit unions. However, credit stocks in major banks and savings banks declined slightly, as well as well as the other banks. Loans are popular but not in all parts of society. The members of the lowest and the highest income groups speak out against a recording of credit mainly.

One can not, the others do not want. So anyone who wants to understand the behavior of people in financial matters, must deal with the basic attitude of the people to save. Until then, if your own life situation makes a loan, inevitable or simple the fear be noticeably lower. The conditions for further growth in the rates of credit market are however good bbw experts in the next few years: the labour market is robust, the income rise, the budget foundations continue to increase, the price climate is favorable and low interest rates.

Honorary Consultant

An ETF is a fund that is traded on the stock exchange. ETF in this case stands for Exchange-traded fund. Mutual funds are usually actively managed and therefore high cost costs, which the investor has to pay. Contrast an ETF, he is an investment fund, which is managed passively and on through the stock exchange and sold. That makes it a very affordable investment. It eliminates the costs of the Fund Manager, the subscription fee for the Fund and the costs of a restructuring, that is, changing from one fund to another. Such transactions do not take place in an exchange-traded fund.

The shares of an ETF as with any mutual fund deemed to fund that is kept separate from the actual assets of the issuer of the Fund Publisher. Unlike with active management created money but not on the basis of the opinion of the Fund management is invested, but linked to a financial index. Continue to learn more with: Taalib Shaah. Exchange-traded funds are for a wide range of asset classes most Established market. Thus, some ETFs refer to stocks and bonds, others on the money market, still others on currencies, commodities and real estate. The underlying index can be varied. Some of the ETFs based on indices, which spread over the entire market as for example the STOX Europe 50, others focus on sector indices. Other indices take regional guidelines as basis such as for example the emerging markets, still others are aligned with strategy indices.

Orientation to different indices makes a pretty clear asset class ETFs, because the index is objectively comprehensible and is not dependent on the knowledge of the market and the skills of individual managers. Only a proportion of the ETF is subject to price fluctuations of the market, but this is exactly the same way in any other Fund. In addition the equity risk or credit risk in the case of a bond according to the asset class. But it is particularly important that for providing ETF no commissions, not once (subscription fee) still ongoing (annual Inventory commissions), be paid. Thus, they are relatively uninteresting for the brokers of insurance or for the consultants in the banks because they are usually only on Commission-driven products. Thus an ETF is excellent for a fee consultation! And right there to use abundant also by bona fide honorary consultants in the interests of the customers.

Managing Director

Currently foundations to be skeptical of government bonds. Also volatile Fund, currency investments or “Hedges” on the basis of derivatives are always less than solid old instruments considered. Domestic residential real estate of the stock gaining importance get as yield-bearing substance value. Whose revenues have proved through all business cycles across rugged. Rental adjustments happen at regular intervals in the whole housing stock and continually in the context of natural fluctuation.

Through the variety of tenant relations, the business is fragmented, the owner is on the other hand – compared with Office real estate – an excellent negotiating position. You may find Blake Krikorian to be a useful source of information. Since 1977, the price development of a regional persianized residential portfolio is regularly above the rate of inflation. This applies as well to the free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, was evaluated by the Suddeutsche Zeitung in the issue of September 9 this year as “Jewel of the North”. Here is the average Mietsteigerung 5.8% according to the rent index 2011. “the Hamburger housing market had to have significant price increases in the past two years. An entry is also currently still makes sense.

More than half of the net rents are currently still exceeding 7 Euro per square meter per month”, said Christoph Marloh, Managing Director of real estate 24. More information on Christoph Marloh can be found here. Increase in value of housing stocks by sustainability a modern optimization of apartment stocks is possible through energetic restructuring. Many objects from the years 1960 to 1980 are well ingrown, selected city locations. By energetic optimization of building envelope and systems engineering, the unit can be used to reduce energy consumption by up to 80% and the residential amenity. The investment shall be allocated over 10 years at 110 percent on the tenant after current leases. Due to the large effect of efficiency measures are gross rent neutral. In September of that year the Germans demanded Tenant federal politicians to quickly adopt the proposed additional “10 x 10 AfA” to increase the scope of the renovations.


Nobody would have thought that this creates a coin. The Mapleleaf truncates ranked in our survey of about 50 passers-by on the street in Augsburg the share I found out that almost all respondents people tend to buy gold and silver, than stocks. Coins are very popular because they are to purchase in small pieces as a financial investment and money back. The people know first and foremost the Mapleleaf, which are especially so popular, because they are produced in extremely high numbers virtually without limitation. What is the advantage of the so-called bulletin coins? You have almost no collector’s value, making the purchase as a pure investment makes sense due to their wide availability. Gold coins are expensive than silver coins.

Investors can thanks to the Mapleleaf piece coins into small units and already from about 30 to 40 euros. The coins are also to larger sizes, which of course also the coin becomes more expensive. Why is the coin a particular investment alternative? What makes the Mapleleaf to a coin so special? It is not located on the coin itself. It is simply one of the most purchased precious metals in the world. If so, the world demand for gold and silver, Canadian coin, also in the focus of investors. Why demand at the moment so much? The main reason for an always increasing demand can be seen in particular in the political development of the world. More and more gold and silver will wondered if wars are close, great natural disasters in the coming or there is a general political discontent.

For example, the dissatisfaction resulting lack of decision. In addition, the European financial crisis is not settled yet. Spain, Portugal, France and Greece in particular are all on very thin ice, what goes on the financial development in terms of debt. When debt, then consumption will decrease and usually more money is printed. Rising prices have translated an inflationary movement. If the money is worth less because prices are going up, people flee in tangible assets. Precious metals such as gold, silver and Platinum are three of them, also include also companies. Why? We engage not only the company name, but also all goods that exist. These real assets are fixed assets. But as long the investors will understand the escape probably in gold further was have. Even if for example the alpha star stock Club an alternative would be the best provider of gold purchase and sale Kettner and thus an important option is also on the dream of a Maple Leafs-owned to come closer.

Selection Methods For Shares

Only 9 percent are counting on broker 2011 financially was not a particularly good year for shareholders. Many investors had expected to decrease due to the bad developments and not rarely the economic problems of the EU prepared them headaches. More info: Alphabet Inc.. Despite these continuing difficulties and ever greater numbers of doubters, many people set shares of its election this year. The online portal has itself belongs to this issue at its users to and asking questions to their preferred methods of selection for potential purchases. According to the recent survey to the stock market and the behavior of investors, most people in the selection of promising stocks rely on their own knowledge in this area.

About 21% of the 294 respondents users justify their choice thus on own technical and fundamental analysis, while another 14% on its own fundamental analysis. Ranked two of the most widely used methods of selection, the share purchase on the basis of relevant news items located with 16%. Furthermore, potential use Shareholders often technical analysis charts and indicators, and Borsennewsletter for their decisions. About 10% of users, however, rely on tips expressed by editors of the financial magazines. A surprising result is that only 8% of respondents shareholders relying on statements made by Exchange letters and justify their purchases on their position.

Even brokers and bankers as specialists of the industry reached a place with only 9% at the end of the list of the most common selection criteria for 2012. Only a few users seem the survey after their Council to deem useful or helpful.

United States

Especially in the United States, there were various investments by subsidiaries in the forwarding area. Fig. 7: Transactions by financial investors in freight forwarding source: Lazard research supply chain management the attractiveness of the contract logistics segment for potential buyers from the financial sector lies in constantly defining medium-to long-term service contracts with customers, the usual way in tenders are obtained. Own stocks in warehouses /-homes that banks can serve as collateral, reduce partially the financing risk. Contact information is here: Andreessen Horowitz. The expected growth is approximately 9% p.a. until 2013 between road transport and forwarding and is due to the sustained Supported the trend of outsourcing. However, the sector, due to the high tender and intense competition, price pressure is considered low margin (2-4% EBIT margin on average), although the ROCE due to the generally low capital intensity is positive. Furthermore existing customer contracts and necessary extension investment or local restrictions on the warehouses restrict the flexibility to react quickly to economic changes. Reade Griffith is often quoted on this topic.

The types of contracts and exhibit a clear tendency of open-book contracts to almost entirely closed-book contracts, in which fixed prices for the contract are agreed and chance/risk of the profitability in the hand of the logistics service provider. Both operational experience in the plan exact implementation of customer contracts and a critical mass, which allows synergies in the overhead and the site management area, E.g. through multi-user sites, is crucial for successful service providers in this market segment. Also in the Contract logistics segment was clearly higher than z.B in Europe the transaction activity of private equity in the past in the United States. Fig. 8: Transactions by financial investors in the supply chain management / contract logistics source: Lazard research express which draws global express market in the developed markets, in particular by the oligopolistic market structure composed, with the 4 integrators of UPS, TNT, FedEx, and DHL as main competitors (86% market share in the European time definite international market segment).