India Quality

and is that India has urban consumers, that they also have traditional articles of exclusive design, with finest of you soothe, dyes and pedrera with natural and artificial stones, that are precise to deal with certain gentleness. Today, at least 30.000 clients satisfied in Bombay, and more than 6,000 in New Delhi, the trajectory of Pressto in India is already a history of success in the sector of the services of quality. Our motto in India, clean Life, reflects the philosophy of the company, and the design of our stores, with all the operations in view of the clients, maintains that approach simple and is transparent that it has made us prevail anywhere in the world. Pressto has like mission, the satisfaction of its clients through leadership in the quality processes, rapidity, customized treatment and social commitment. In addition, from the different central services, and taking advantage of the pilot centers, permanent investigations oriented all of them are carried out to improve the concept and, really, to increase the yield of all premises, as much own as franchise-holders.

The investigations are oriented to the studies of marketing and the own technical aspects of the service, such as machinery, products, consumable, weaves, new techniques of cleaning, et cetera. Pressto bases his philosophy on watch in the motto ” fast dry cleaners of quality, to competitive prices and treatment personalizado”. First interested in that the franchise-holders obtain that their businesses are profitable are the people in charge of the chain, reason why the power station owns an international structure of first level with which to take care of all the needs that can arise between their numerous network. Their commitment with the quality, rapidity, image of mark and treatment has turned customized it into the company leader of the sector, and besides its international presence (developed in the present Note of Press), in Spain, the tax exemption is implanted in all the independent communities, with 215 operative units, of which 40 are own and the rest franchise-holders.