Investment Guaranteed

It is likely that you’ve already considered investing in investment funds but is almost certainly one of the things that you been prevented from investing, the fear to lose your savings. Let me tell you that there are investment funds for people in your situation and are precisely guaranteed investment funds. This kind of funds emerged in 1994 as a result of the battle between banks to attract money. While as disadvantages are that this type of funds investment funds are funds in the medium and long term and if you wish to withdraw the investment before the specified period, you must pay a Commission for cancellation, the benefits are many. The main benefit is of course, that these funds guarantee up to 90% of the main investment and profitability, while liquidity is restricted depending on the warranty period. Guaranteed investment funds that are most recommended are those who fail 5 years, in a way that the interests offered by the management entities are according to the current situation and the Outlook for future years. So if you are thinking of investing your money without losing risks, guaranteed investment funds are the best option that you can find. A. Verastegui hold.