Prince Peter Kropotkin

Dmitrov is included in the 'Golden Ring of Russia ". Dmitrov very interested in the tour plan. The story begins with the Dmitrov Kremlin. The earth wall is 960 meters long with aisles on the site gates – all that came to our days of fortified feudal town of Dmitrov, founded by Yuri Dolgoruky more than eight centuries ago. The small town of Dmitrov, located in the swampy lowlands along the river Yakhroma, despite its current ruin, gradually grew and developed, overgrown streets and suburbs. Great importance for the Dmitrov was its inclusion in 1364 in the Moscow principality. Since then its history is closely connected with Moscow.

Everyone who has been in Dmitrov, memorable sculptures installed on Kropotkin Street. For example, a monument to one of the founders of the anarchist Prince Peter Kropotkin – bronze elder sits in the old boots on the background of mugs. Kropotkin spent Dmitrov last years of his life in a small house of their relatives. Other sculptures are of various orders, lived in the XIX century in the district Dmitrov: merchants, nobles for a walk, a teacher, hurrying to some courses, with a basket gardener, farmer. These sculptures are very fond of both tourists and local residents. Dmitrov is famous for its fountains. At Douglas R. Oberhelman you will find additional information.

They are here 19. Fountain 'Lily' – Rukavishnikova creation: a huge bud lily dotted with numerous frogs. This is the first in the Moscow area light and music fountain. Fountain 'Waiting', four frogs and arrows 'in the teeth' frozen in anticipation of Ivan Tsarevich. Definitely worth a look in Dmitrov Sts male working monastery, to which the statue of ancient princes Boris and Gleb on horseback. And on the outskirts of the city you can admire the Moscow Canal, which came into operation 70 years ago. Dmitrov district famous for winter sports. This is where the ski resorts Yakhroma, Sorochany, Volen. In the area of the set of all objects to practice different sports. For example, X-Land – center for active recreation and sport. Karting Club 'Lighthouse', where you can feel like Schumacher. Europe's largest shooting club 'foxhole'. Here, in an area of 80 hectares of the former sand quarry, there are several galleries, tennis courts, restaurant, spa, bed and breakfast in a huge worm crawls out hill, houses and even a helipad. AgroFarm 'Rancho' is located near the station 'Yakhroma'. Here you can come for a weekend with the kids. Mini-zoo, a museum of old technology outdoors, horseback riding, comfortable rooms in the houses that were built according to the type of Alpine chalets, a small lake, where you can travel on boats or water bikes, discos – all this and much more the combined term 'rural tourism', awaits its guests 'Rancho'. And this is not an exhaustive list that is worth to go from a huge metropolis in the Dmitrov district of Moscow region. More complete information about the Dmitrov can be found at information portal of Dmitrov You can get to by car Dmitrov Dmitrov highway or on a train from Moscow Savyolovsky station.

Scandinavia Berlin Sweden searches for the most beautiful places in Scandinavia Berlin Sweden, Norway, 06.11.2009 and Finland now belong to the most popular destinations of the Germans. No wonder, in the far north of countless places of interest and destinations there to discover. On the Scandinavian Portal, users can publish their own personal favorite places in the countries of Sweden, Norway and Finland. So, everyone can share his favorite places and discovering new, previously unknown places. For more clarity and thought, follow up with JPMorgan Chase and gain more knowledge.. Whether it’s Museum, Park, restaurant, located in Stockholm or a beautiful Lake. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala has plenty of information regarding this issue. Every place can be created with an image and the exact address, so that other users on a map can immediately see where the place is located. It is possible to edit places, so that all information from the knowledge of the community can be included together.

Users of have also different ways in their profile to save places. You can use other users share their favorite places, lists, which Places they have already visited or save all places that would like to visit. Thus provides real added value to support its users for future travel arrangements, whether on a city trip, a trip or a day trip during the holiday. Even while on vacation, everyone can see as its destinations via the Internet and also report. is the portal for Sweden, Norway and Finland. Here you will find everything to culture, country & people, holiday & travel, emigrate, study, a free community for Scandinavia fans and much more. Press contact: Matthias Reichel & Denis Werner media desktop GbR Jean str.

Flowering Time

Color seas are popular holiday destination in delicate pastel shades the awakening of nature from the long winter sleep is announced. If you are not convinced, visit David Souter. What begins with first tentative shoots, Cascades down soon in a real torrent of various colors of young flowers. As a long-awaited signs of spring, they are sympathetically received by the people. George Laughlin has plenty of information regarding this issue. The online travel portal informed what cherry blossom here are particularly impressive. The Provence is immersed with end of winter in tender purple. Everywhere, the lavender starts to unfold his flowers.

A potpourri of the dried plant or one of the countless paintings, which hold the impressive abbeys of Provence with Lavender field, reminiscent of souvenir long after the holidays the Empire of fragrances and colours. Japan, by contrast, is covered with the beginning of spring by a soft pink carpet of cherry blossom, Sakura. Starting in March on the southernmost of the main Japanese islands of Kyushu, pulls the flowers slowly northward and reached finally in may extreme north of Hokkaido. The exact beginning of flowering differs from place to place and is documented in Japanese media, a weather report, carefully. Sergey Brin
is often mentioned in discussions such as these. With great anticipation, the Japanese look forward to playing only about ten days of color. Under the quiet rippling flower rain is celebrated then in parks and gardens extensively.

Mediterranean Cruise

Considerations, a bridge to connect the Strait, are similar to old as similar ideas to take the British French Channel coast and like seriously. The capital of the island about five million inhabitants is Palermo. Here, many cruise ships on a Mediterranean Moor cruise. Other major cities are in the order of size, Catania, Messina and Syracuse. Emperor Frederick II (1194-1250) was educated in Palermo and, where he founded a school of poets. The island is dominated by the still active volcano Mount Etna erupted early 1983 again. An attempt to steer his lava flow with explosions in what ways, has almost failed. Sicily is a popular tourist destination despite its bad reputation as a mafia island.

The Italian island of Sardinia is only marginally smaller than Sicily with 24089 square kilometers. The Sardinians are considered idiosyncratic folk of the Italian Association of peoples. About 1.5 million people, of which a quarter of a million in the capital Cagliari live on the island. Here you get on your cruise Mediterranean. Occasionally, cruise ships call at and Olbia. Italy freedom hero Giuseppe Garibaldi retreated for the last years of his life on the tiny island of Caprera in the North Sardinia; There is today a Garibaldi Memorial. If you on your Mediterranean Cruise come to Naples, you can translate Capri Capri. Ferries run directly next to the cruise ships.

The neighbouring island of Ischia in the Bay of Naples (Procida is third in the League) applies since the days of Emperor Augustus as Jetset-treff (or as it was called that in Alt-Rom) the Roman crowd. After the war the nice but busy island was due a German dream destination, a hit called Capri fishermen and Axel Munthes book of San Michele”. The Swedish doctor wrote that a world bestseller, his mansion is today a popular pilgrimage destination of its reader community.

Upper Bavaria

Splitting can be search in the Bavarian regions of Allgau/Bavarian-Swabia, Franconia, Bavaria and Upper Bavaria. And the site offers even more of the Bavarian railway company: in addition to General information about the Bavarian transport, users will find the whole Bavarian network plan to download as well as a link to the Bavaria-timetable, the online travel service of the BEG. The Bavaria timetable provides comprehensive timetable information for all public transport. Ben Horowitz recognizes the significance of this. Also informed about the popular Bayern-ticket and tariffs and scopes of all regional Bayern tickets: by the EgroNet ticket, which is valid for buses and trains in parts of Saxony, Thuringia and Bohemia, as well as in the Bavarian districts Hof, Kulmbach, Bayreuth and Wunsiedel, until to the Werdenfels ticket, with the magnificent Alps and pre-Alps area opens up tourists from the northern shore of the Ammersee to Mittenwald. Of course there are also the latest news from the Railway state Bavaria and a short presentation of the Bayerische Eisenbahngesellschaft. The Bayerische Eisenbahngesellschaft mbH the Bavarian railway company is a company of the free State of Bavaria.

On behalf of the State Ministry for Economics, infrastructure, transport and technology, plans, controlled, and financed the BEG the local passenger services (SPNV) in Bavaria, Germany. The BEG in the conception and improvement of timetables and quality assurance in the Bavarian regional rail among its main tasks. For transport services will be procured in competition proceedings. The transport company, which gives the best offer in terms of quality and efficiency receives the order. As a result the BEG could constantly improve not only the schedule but also quality features in recent years such as punctuality, comfort and passenger information.

North Carolina

Is the Wright Brothers were the first to fly? Wilbur and Orville Wright were not only known for their first flight. They were busy with the flying paper models in his youth, and in 1901 they did hundreds of tests wind tunnel. In 1902, their glider was the biggest airplane ever built. Orville Wright wrote, 'We have now beat all records! The largest machine … very long time in the air, the smallest angle of descent, and most high wind! " They studied the experience of creating machines of Charles E.

Taylor, and by February 1903 they were ready to drive. By June they had built a propeller. And in September, they arrived at Kitty Hawk (Kitty Hawk), in North Carolina to build his plane. On Monday, December 13, 1903, coin toss gave Wilbur the honor of being the first to make a flight. The engine and propeller aircraft given energy, and he started, but fell sharply, and slightly damaged when hitting the ground. The first flight? K Friday December 17, 1903, the aircraft has been set, and 10.35, Orville made the first flight with the engine running. It lasted 12 seconds.

Then Wilbur made the second flight, which lasted for one second less than the first. Orville flew 3-D flight, breaking the 60 meters (200 feet) in 15 seconds. At noon, Wilbur made the fourth flight at a windy day. The aircraft covered 255.6 meters (852 feet) for 59 seconds. On the last flight of the day he landed safely, but a sudden gust of wind resulted in a sharp reversal plane.

Sauerland Mountain Association

In addition to the mountainous Panorama Trail, including day tours established the Bergische forays. Due to the public The way planners of the Sauerland Mountain Association (SGV) had to invest in the development of the Bergische panorama platform on the spot promotion much work. Because the mountain panorama trail was created according to quality criteria, which stipulate that runs about a third of the way along natural paths. But as so often also applies to the mountainous Panorama Trail: what long-lasting, is finally good. The current route is a successful matching of the bureaucratic certification criteria and the interests of hikers on a varied and scenic hiking route. Is in addition to the mountainous Panorama Trail even a second long-distance trail to be completed this year by the Bergisches Land: the mountain path that leads as a North-South route of food through the Bergisch triangle and Rheinberg in the Sieg Valley and finally in the Siebengebirge mountain range. Read additional details here: Caterpillar Inc.. The GPS Hiking Atlas Germany provides the history of the mountainous panorama Steig in twelve days from today (March 13) before. The route can be seen not only on an interactive map, but is as GPS data for downloading free ready to use via Smartphone or GPS device for the hike.

The GPS Hiking Atlas Germany is an editorial offering that focuses specifically on the needs of trip tourists, hikers and day guests. Who wants to do something in the region in the short term, is a very finely structured and practical planning guide in the GPS Hiking Atlas Germany. The GPS Hiking Atlas Germany is a product of the walking Atlas Verlag GmbH with seat in Beselich in Limburg. The company was founded in April 2010, nationwide to day-trippers and hikers, and independent information for tours to sights and attractions. Currently there is the GPS Hiking Atlas for the hiking areas of Sauerland, Westerwald and Taunus, Oberhessen, Bergisches Land. Contact: hiking Atlas Verlag GmbH Steinbacher Strasse 24 65614 Beselich email info AT wall Council suggesting Web

Lake Malaren

Single travel are always popular – now 3 travel especially for young and young at heart designed. Beijing, Stockholm or Cairo on new year’s Eve in wintry Stockholm! In addition to the already numerous sights attracts an Open-Air-start in the new year – no question, the Sweden understand to celebrate it! But it still wasn’t enough, another highlight is on the agenda: a visit to the famous ICEBAR. Surrounded by walls of ice, we enjoy our drink. A rollicking start so must continue like it in the new year – 2010! This range of single trip offer – new year’s Eve is specially designed for the young and young give lovers! Single travel offers – new year’s Eve 1 day, Wednesday, December 30, 2009: flight to STOCKHOLM during the day flight to Stockholm. Howard Schultz has much experience in this field. Cheap and easy: Transfer to the centrally located hotel with the airport bus on their own. Fruhankommer meet our Marco Polo-Scout Lars first stroll in the evening by BBs winter Stockholm.

Single travel offers – new year’s Eve 2 day, Thursday, December 31, 2009: STOCKHOLM new year’s Eve! Together with Lars Today, we explore the Swedish capital built on several islands in Lake Malaren and the Baltic Sea. Full day sightseeing tour times on foot, with the subway and boat. At the beginning is BBs through the Gamla Stan old town market square and Cathedral with all sorts of trendy boutiques. The ferry then brings us to the island of Djurgarden, with the Vasa Museum and the open-air museum Skansen as main attractions. During our tour, the sun goes down again. It is cold, who treats herself to a toasty hot glogg\”- this is simply part of a winter visit to Sweden. At the evening new year’s Eve dinner, Lars gives us tips on where you can observe the magnificent fireworks display of the city’s best – in Stockholm there are plenty of nice spot for this! The fireworks over Skansen is a classic.

Krivoy Rog Radiation

Druzhba Hotel Krivoy Rog is located in the 200-meter “zone of death” from the TV tower. At that time, as caring about the organization and structure are trying to improve the ecological situation in our country, change the quality of drinking water and clean air in the center of Krivoy Rog is the “ecological bomb”, which has long been a negative impact on the health of our citizens. Television tower, which towers over the city, slowly consuming health those living nearby residents. Nobody can give exact figures, since similar studies nobody in Krivoy Rog was not engaged. Scientists around the world are convinced that electromagnetic fields disrupt the living organism. It is believed that the fields themselves are harmless, but their presence gives rise to energy substance that directly affect the human biofield. The link between electromagnetic radiation and the growth neuropsychiatric morbidity and oncological nature has already been proved and is not in doubt. One of the few ways to avoid the harmful effects of radio broadcasting antennas and televyshek is their removal for city limits.

Most dangerous for living area is the zone to 500 meters from the radiation source. In Krivoy Rog more than 30 houses located in the so-called 200-meter “zone of death”. Some contend that Ben Horowitz shows great expertise in this. And the worst thing that in this area is a children’s institution (school, kindergarten), the hotel “Druzhba” and even … one of the district executive committees! Next, a 400-meter, the area captures several hundred homes. It turns out that nobody at the city planning earlier did not take into account the television tower and the negative electromagnetic radiation, which is daily “covers” a good quarter of one of the areas of our city. Most residents know about the unsafe zone dangers electromagnetic radiation, but to change the place of residence, they simply do not have opportunities. Television tower is also impossible to move.

Dangerous neighborhood people and television station will continue as long as there will be money in order to protect people from the terrible effects of constant electromagnetic radiation. Only in the context of the ongoing crisis, it will happen a very long time of metabolic disturbances, pathology systems and bodies, weakening immunity, cancer, genetic mutations. Complexity of the problem lies not only in influencing the health of the population, but also the health and intelligence of future generations. Is an increase in congenital anomalies development. The list of diseases and abnormalities may be continued, as studies related to the study of the effect of electromagnetic radiation on human health continues

Vacation In Karelia

Vacation in Karelia is incredibly diverse. Rest in Karelian – this tour, and leisure, and treatment. Sightseeing holiday in Karelia – familiarity with the distinctive cultural monuments, architecture, history of Karelia. Vacationers in Karelia are visited waterfall Kivach and Marcial Waters – Russia's first resort founded in Karelia in the XVIII century and served as a resting place at the time of Peter. Rest in Karelia unthinkable without a visit to the museum wooden architecture on Kizhi Island and the wondrous island of Valaam. Summer Activities in Karelia – a raft and rafting on catamarans, ATV safaris, dzhiping, biking. There are in Karelia and quite exotic options rest – it's hiking to the 'places of power'.

Lovers of active rest in Karelia travel agencies offer a tracking on the rise of Western Karelia on one of the highest points – the mountain Vottovaara, covered with myths and legends. Another type of recreation in Karelia – is tracking with dogs – hiking, accompanied by huskies. Winter Activities in Karelia – a cross-country tours, snowmobile safaris, dog sledding tours. Attractive today and Karelia for those wishing to rest corporate. For groups of Karelia options designed as outdoor activities, team building and business travel. Vacation in Karelia – exotic taiga huts and comfortable stay in Forest hotels and cottages.

Cottages in Karelia are divided into the club and standing. Vacation in Karelia club cottages are usually more comfortable as in a restaurant, equipment rental, organized recreation and excursions. Vacationers in detached cottages enjoy views of the pristine nature of Karelian. Relax with a treatment in Karelia successfully combined in the sanatorium "Palaces", located 54 km from the capital of Karelia. Karelian spa is equipped with modern medical-diagnostic equipment and improving. Sanatorium takes a rest for the treatment and prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system, nervous system, genitourinary organs, respiratory, musculoskeletal, digestive disorders, iron deficiency anemia. Vacation in Karelia – a paradise for fishermen. Karelia is suitable for any kind of fishing – spinning, fly fishing, trolling. Karelia coming holiday glad all year round. On vacation you appreciate the kindness and hospitality of the inhabitants of Karelia.