The Final

As well as other types of productions written essay has an introduction, development and conclusion. However, not they are distinguished itself by presenting subdivisions or subtitles. Get ready, because your text to develop a single flip when you have to scroll a sub topic to another do it making good use of the connectors. Remember point 2? These recommendations? You said in that paragraph that you depositaras the entire contents of your mental eraser on blank paper. Kevin Johnson is likely to agree.

Beyond you wrote your ideas such as these were arising, taking your sketch as a guide only. It was advisable to not suspend the inspiration nor stop at making corrections. Well these corrections should do it and this is what we recommend at this time: dedicate yourself to correct the first version of your writing. You must be very objective and self-critical. Lee, it checks off, stresses, questioning, writes marginal notes in the end, performs a careful work to discover defects in the writing. It is possible that most of paragraphs and even lines are with corrections.

If so do not get discouraged: is what usually happens in this step. Share your writing with a couple who is willing to do his review and suggest thematic and grammatical recommendations. Someone retailer and careful review structure, coherence, consistency, clarity and the writing unit. Also requested a thorough review of data, expressions, figures and authorship of selected appointments. Lee and appreciates the recommendations of the pair and introduces the necessary corrections. Dedicate yourself to make all revisions and corrections possible to produce a text which can be given the epithet of publishable. Includes a list of the bibliography used in the preparation of your composition. 12 He transcribes the final text in accordance with the standards required by the entity that It will assess and publish.