The Managing

In short, Luck points a conclusive enrichment for however in this article-report: Is distinguished that the agreement of the management concept already estimates, in itself, the idea of participation that is, the associated work of people analyzing situations, deciding on its guiding and acting on them, in set. This because the management concept is associated the mobilization of talentos and efforts collectively organized, the joint constructive action of its components, for the work associated by means of reciprocity that creates one all guided for a collective will . (1996, pg.17). CONCLUSION What it allowed this reflection was to the comment of administrators who supported in the theory, feel themselves lead, abusing the authoritarianism, deriving of the position that they exert. Pretty speeches are fundamentadores of this mentality irrational of acting without mission, without stimulation the conquest of common objectives. We have then that leadership is the amplitude of class actions that aim at benefits as such. Authors as: Hunter, Libneo, Alonso and Luck, had brought its contributions in relation to the subject: The Managing front to the work in team evidencing in the example, the organizacional culture, gaining bigger flexibility and coherence, mediating a collective will.

In this case in simple words, to lead is to obtain that the things are made through the people. When working with people and obtaining that the things if make through them, always it will have two dynamic in game: the task and the relationship. This finally strengthened in the practical one of the professionalism. We finish for however, inviting the readers to one has debated on this subject, therefore; many exist that exert positions, more do not have the intrinsic conscience of its actions, inherent responsibility of this social exercise. RECOMMENDATIONS Deepened readings of this subject, motivating to the development of the writing of new authors who I eat we if risk to think on the little that knows. Reproduction of copies printed, audio and video on this subject of social abrangncia, since the areas exist in all. Lectures, congresses analyzing what we have of material on the subject and as she is practical ours. Parallel on: what they say and what they make. >