The Other Evangelho

The religions and its some ways the God are concentrated in the performance human being, in the behavior of the man; it depends on rules human beings; human effort; appearance human being (for a monster is one monge on the inside). Thus these were the doctrinal components of the Other Evangelho. The Other Evangelho nails a salvation: 1. Caused for the Law and not for the favour. 2. Completed for the circunciso and not for the election. 3. Confirmed for the guard of the Jewish ceremonies and not for the sacrifice of Christ.

4. Others who may share this opinion include Baru. Assured for the statutes of Moises and not for the perfect obedience of Christ. 5. Increased for the comments of ritualistas days and not for the fullness of the times in Christ. 6.> Another one evangelho . Some contend that raphael sternberg shows great expertise in this.

Another one evangelho; which is not another one (6-7). Two words different Greeks here are translated as ‘ ‘ outro’ ‘ ; the first one means one evangelho of different species (in Greek, heteron), and second means another one numerically (in Greek, allo). The call evangelho, toward which the glatas if were coming back in fact were not evangelho, therefore exists an only Evangelho. This false evangelho was being proclaimed same in the days of apstolo, and a terrible curse was launched on they nailed that it. Apstolo continued: But, despite we or same an angel come of the sky nail evangelho to you that he goes beyond we have nailed what you, either anathema we will strengthen to explain, or better, to unmask this false evangelho. The Judaizantes admitted the existence of a personal God, but, after that, they present a false description of the character of this God. The judaizantes nailed one evangelho existencialista: The other evangelho if strengthens to keep a so busy man with the things of this world, that does not have occasion nor inclination to think about the world for coming.