The Sun

Back to the people, the landscape, with the route downhill could be seen from another perspective, a boat was crossing the Lake, heading towards Quila-Quina, an island in the vicinity of the village. From the top of the route was seen as a paper boat. In low hills highlighted the shacks, the indigenous House, with its typical corrals. Some dark clouds were approaching from the Pacific, foreshadowing bad weather. Three days of work in the La Estancia Don Sepulveda came to veterinary medicine, brought samples of carneados animals to perform the analyses. They wanted to invite visitors with those regional delicacies. Matt by medium, the talk flowed spontaneously and fluently.

The Doctor was preparing samples in the slides, while Nelson and Don Sepulveda chatted and spent some mates. He opened the heavy lid of the Trichinoscope, leaving exposed a wide screen, it shuts off the light. Located one of the slides, professional began the adjustment. Appeared in the screen image of the muscles, I’m looking for accuracy. Instantly were observed small spirals. Silence. He continued the search, more precision.

They appeared more spiral had trichinosis! Became more analysis and all with the same result. That was serious, He should sacrifice the lot of animals, burn them. Don Sepulveda was pale. They decided that it would immediately travel to La Estancia to give the bad news. The next day would be the veterinarian to present the report to the administrator. In those days it began snowing but snow lasted little, it was still cold to stay in soils, the hills were Yes covered. The Sun went out, last heroic resistance ant Ana Maria Manceda: he makes thirty and three years living in the Patagonia Argentina (San Martin de los Andes). Co-author of the book of one hundred years in October 2008 receives 1st prize in contest international arts and letters 2008 in narrative for his collapse. Editorial romanticize you. Cordoba (Argentina). An integral REMES (global network of writers in Spanish) of SEA (society writers of Argentina); Poets of the world and WORLD POETS SOCIETY. JURY of the CEM (San Martin de Los Andes Municipal Publishing Center). Selected in several national and international anthologies. He participates in several literary magazines on the Internet. blog;. buceandoenelinfinito. blogspot. com Blogs related humiliate Eagles to the roosters Freedom of Word controlled vehicular disorder in I.E. Piura Jack news we are on Facebook Veterinary diagnostic: the new bKanauran of the street Blog Naruto colorful 435, 436, 437, 438, 439 and 440 Bem vindo (Alan and Jan Coupe, they lose weight and win award after not the gata: fraught: mascota:embarazo: large: birth: programmed Lions plucked to the roosters Yohandry completo Weblog Canary Islands sailors dominate Barcelona Sailing Week after the local news of Donostia-San Sebastian SanSebastianDigital.