The Test

Using the function “I am fit for the test”, which is a statistical evaluation of all the exercises in the learning mode, you get a detailed assessment of current testing maturity. Here, vulnerabilities (per subject) can be detected and specificly “learned after”. Traffic light colors visually indicate the learning status. With the learning mode statistics, educational driving school (with the consent of the student) also optionally has the ability to detect the level of training of the student and to specifically promote – a perfect addition for a success-oriented exam preparation! On request, the unit can be used to learn statistics quizzes also automates email educational driving school (with the consent of the student) or sent any email address, and the completely free of charge! Test mode the test mode is applied with the licensed audit mask, which one finds in its present form even when the driving examination on the PC. Questions and answers are collected in random order to ensure an optimal learning success and a best possible preparation for the theory exam. When check-up! all official exam questions of basic and additives be queried in the learning mode. In test mode, always a completely new examination is composed of all exam questions, as in the “driver’s license test on the PC”.

A double scrutiny already made is excluded! In the learning, as well as in test mode a setting available available for all questions from the German question catalogue, i.e. You can easily read aloud the tasks (question before answer, reply, image addition). Insight in the presentation and the rich functionality of our online tutorial, as well as in the course of an official check of PC with our free check-up! Test access, which you can request under no obligation online. Now, how easy learning experience can be! Test access check-up! has a fully qualified, free trial.