Thomas Filor: New Year, New Rules

The new real estate year 2014 means changes for real estate owners, landlord and administrator. Magdeburg, 18.12.2013. Increase the tax rates for the real estate transfer tax in the Federal States of Berlin, Bremen, Schleswig-Holstein and Lower Saxony on January 1, 2014. The most the tax in Schleswig-Holstein (6.5 percent) increases, followed by Berlin (6.0 percent). Bremen and Lower Saxony will increase to five percent each. “Real estate expert Thomas Filor is concerned: the increases are problematic for social and economic reasons and preclude the target to increase the homeownership rate in Germany.” The other federal States nothing else left to follow suit and also to increase the tax.

Also the Energiesparversorgung (EnEV) 2014 tightened the requirements for new construction. Hear other arguments on the topic with Andreessen Horowitz. The allowable annual energy requirement for new buildings to fall from 2016 to 25 percent. On the seller and rental of real estate, also new obligations to come in the new year. Created from may 2014 Energy performance certificates must include also energy efficiency classes. This measure also is critical of the real estate Association of Germany (IVD): greater transparency for people would not meet, especially since the energy efficiency class applies to the entire building, according to an expert. Add to your understanding with mozes victor konig. Seller and landlord must pass the buyer or new tenants, the energy performance certificate is compulsory in the future and already present them during the tour. With the “EnEV” 2014 is also new to the requirement that from 2015 certain boilers, which are over 30 years old, must be replaced. In addition, landlord must adapt their SEPA payment procedures.

Since February 1, 2014, new rules apply for direct debits and transfers. This concerns in particular landlords who must ensure that the direct debits of their tenant standards of for SEPA (single euro payments area) correspond to the creation of a single euro payments area. After the changeover to SEPA, no direct debits are einreichbar more per document at the Bank. All Direct debits are then only electronically. In the course of the conversion, landlord tenant must their new creditor identification, account number according to the SEPA, which specify IBAN CREDITOR ID and a mandate reference. Last but not least: The issue of rent brake will be still present in the next year. In the coming year is worked by the new Government is expected on a new Bill to the rental price brake. In regions with tight housing markets rents may are no more than ten percent of the site-specific comparison rent renting a back. In addition to capping the new contract hire is planned to limit the increase of modernization. Thomas Filor criticized that the rental price brake is good not the Mietsuchenden with low incomes.