Time Skills Training

A more meaningful and productive use of the time requires the mastery of time skills. And this not only on a weekend. (As opposed to Jenna Fischer). Time management and resource seminars are an integral part of your internal training already for a long time? Because it is important that your employees organize themselves. And probably, it is equally important that your employees show not only performance, but are also intrinsically motivated and satisfied with your performance you. Finally, they should not only high-quality carry out their tasks, but retain as their enjoyment of the productivity.

But are satisfied with the results of your conventional training? Have you not even wondered whether there are other ways to convey the principles of meaningful time management more effective, more efficient and more sustainable? It would not be practical if your staff could – work on your personal dealing with the time and their task classification for 4 weeks and the entire time about the intensive Get assistance of an experienced trainer? My tested blended-learning concept ‘Time skills’, this is just possible: in a change from presence seminars and self-learning phases on an online platform I convey your employees essential skills in dealing with the time for four weeks in an intense on-the-job training the four: self-knowledge and goal orientation, to increase the effectiveness of the work and to know where it’s going. Decision-making authority, to promote the safety of the decision and to embark on the right way. Organizational and planning skills, to improve the efficiency of work. As well as the ability to be to increase the performance and improve the resistance to stress your employees in the flow of time and the own tasks. Exactly these four components comprise a sensible handling of the time.

Your advantages: A sustainable knowledge transfer through longer and more active employment of the participants to the seminar content. A stronger anchoring of the learned through the direct Implementation of the content in the sense of training-on-the-job principle, in particular by first successes experienced in training. As well as a low-cost alternative in conveying the content through a perfect split online self-learning phases and presence events at a benefit at the same time maximum. Cost: 2000 for the complete package, including pre-installed learning platform (plus tax and shipping) condition: due to the short, but frequent classroom training, your company in the greater Nuremberg should be located. I straighten out everything else like to with you by phone or email. Michael Hubler diploma educator, social managers and focusing consultant expert for… Emotional decision management, time skills and blended-learning 0911 / 7662641 info@michael-h ubler.de ubler.de 90766 Furth