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How many pallets fit in a container? Data on the two main types of the most popular pallet 'pallets' and standard pallets. Size 'europallet' 1200x800mm, standard pallet size 1200x1000mm. In the 20-foot container can accommodate 11 'pallets' or 9-10 standard pallets in one tier. For more specific information, check out Electrolux. In a 40-foot container can accommodate 23 – 24 'pallets' or 20-21 standard pallets in one tier. Raw materials for production of pallets. Raw materials for production of pallets require particularly careful attention.

Typically, the board edging and timber size required to buy ready-made. Boards come in blocks, assembled so that the space left between them. Unseasoned wood is wet, and if such boards do not have access air, literally in a week they turn blue, but are brand new. It is essential that board as soon as dry. Pallet and used coniferous and deciduous woods, but they both quickly fade. Of course, the wood does not lose properties, and loss of color does not affect the strength of the board, but lost its presentation, which may reduce the price of finished products. Thus, the storage of finished products should be placed under canopy to the tree did not fall nor rain, nor sun. Regulation of production of pallets.

In Russia, production of pallets is regulated by two basic documents: GOST 9078 – 84 and GOST 9557-87. GOST 9078 – 84 has a common format and describes the existence of the tray and that they can be made of wood. There are no rigid attachment to pallet dimensions to the number of nails to the thickness of boards, except in the sizes and 1200h800mm 1200h1000mm. According to GOST 9078 – 84 under identified two dimensions you can do anything. GOST 9557 – 87 is more rigid and almost identical to the European standard UIC 435-2 for the production of pallets. The only difference between pallets, manufactured in Russia, from European standards – is the lack of stamps and EUR EPAL.