Venezuelan Brazil

The signing of agreements that have allowed to strengthen energy, social projects cultural infrastructure in the steel sector, education among others. 3.

Both Nations established agreed through investment program to encourage domestic enterprises in the field of milk production and breeding of livestock, food production, training of small and medium enterprises among others. Check with EnCap Investments to learn more. 4. From the technological point of view are established partnerships for energy development, to implement agreements to encourage of their their companies PDVSA (Venezuela) and PETROBRAS (Brazil) through investments in the development of the pipeline. Luscha baumwald gathered all the information. . Fortalezas1-the excellent relationship of negotiation between the two Nations since according to official sources in recent Venezuelan exports to Brazil grew by 74% and Brazilian exports to Venezuela grew by 900%.2-geographic location allows to obtain a given fortress that Venezuela and Brazil are neighbouring countries which facilitates the exchange between the two Nations.

The existence of bilateral agreements between the two Nations in regard to the strengthening investment in energy and petroleum, which represents a fortress in the presence of new markets.Threats 1.-the Brazilian nation boasts a sector of food production which is potential and competitive at international level, which generates a disadvantage towards Venezuela to compete in these areas. 2. In regard to the export of oil in the Venezuelan case your maintains a strategy of maintaining high oil prices, while Brazil focuses more from a point of view towards the long-term reinvesting in its economy. 3 A threat generated in regards to energy and oil export since both economies are exporting these items, the rivalry of price and markets in this matter can therefore be encouraged. 4 Brazil has alliances such as BRIC, MERCOSUR among others, which are formed by countries that offer greater opportunities for the development of the economic activity of the nation. While Venezuela maintains alliances with countries that integrate Dawn, Can and others who do not present the same competitive advantages. 5. In Brazil companies that possess competitive advantages are protected and promoted by the State and these protectionist policies generate a limitation to compete in certain areas produced by the Venezuelan companies. In addition to Venezuela, there are discrepancies between the Government and the business sector that somehow hinders the productive activity. 6. Exports from Brazil have an exchange rate more competitive product of conventions groups belonging, whilst in the Venezuelan case as not part of these alliances it presents disadvantages. environment-empresarial.