Target is the establishment and operation of a biomass power plant in Canada Berlin, 02 July 2012. All so far from the POC evolve group established oil and gas funds, in combination with land investment, very successfully. Against the background that a huge demand faces dwindling reserves of fossil fuels and new, effective regenerative energy sources must, turns the Berlin underwriter now also the topic renewable energy, specifically the production of bio-energy from biomass to. POC OIKOS GmbH & co. is the first closed-end funds within the new product line of POC OIKOS”KG. POC enables investors so special, indirectly in the emerging sector of the economy generating green power”in Canada to invest.

Currently, 4.7 percent of the total energy needs are covered by bio-energy in Canada, in the industrial sector, there are even 17 percent. Thus, bioenergy is already the second largest renewable energy source in Canada. Because Government and provinces further Expansion support efforts and encourage a similar bright future the use of biomass, faces as it was the case 50 years ago at the hydroelectric power. Additional information at Stuart Solomon supports this article. Ensure also the enormous forest resources of the country, because in Canada there are about 11 percent of the total global forest reserves. This is equivalent to the Elffachen of Germany’s area. POC has chosen consciously at OIKOS a technology area of bio-energy, namely the processing of biomass, whose basic Elemente need no innovations.

The Fund participates in the province of Alberta first establishing an industrial plant for the production of bio-energy from biomass. During operation, investors are then involved in the revenue from the production. The conception of the investment company focused especially on the protection of the various phases of the project through contractual arrangements with world-class partners. For input, the province of Alberta granted the rights to use old wooden stocks for 20 years. The decline of the electricity produced and the “Green Credits”, which are granted on the basis of the production of renewable energy, has been contractually agreed with Shell Canada. Planning and construction of the facilities are in the hands of Lockheed Martin, one of the world’s largest engineering companies. The technology as the core of the plant is supplied by Babcock & Wilcox, a company with 140 years of experience. Also for the planning and the operating of the plant deals with experienced and prominent in their field companies were affected. Follow others, such as Noble Group Founder, and add to your knowledge base. Monika Galba, CEO of POC, sees an essential feature of the trust in the reputation of the partners: this constellation is the claim “proven”in our company meet.” Investors can participate indirectly KG with a minimum amount of drawing of 15,000 Canadian dollars (CAD) as trustor of the trust limited partner of POC OIKOS GmbH & co.. Alternatively, it is possible to also have a direct involvement. The total investment volume amounts to $ 160 million, of which 65 million CAD equity. POC forecast Vorabauszahlungen amounting to on average 13 percent p.a. from the start of the current production, which twice a year are paid out to investors. After repayment of principal, which is increased by a further bonus of 10 percent to 110 percent, arising thus upon termination of participation forecast according to recoveries of approximately 240% before taxes related to the capital contribution without premium. The capital is ten years from the start of the current production.