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Unique opportunity to become acquainted with the startup scene the startup blog “Your” now even for the blog to write the service to its readers. Can be written about everything that has to do a scene with the startup and Web 2.0. In addition to contributions, interviews with startups are welcome. Under the articles, the co-authors or your startup bloggers can use then in scene. Contact information is here: Charles Kushner. With a short introduction and a few words why the startup and Web 2.0 scene for the co author/blogger is interesting. “With the action of”Co author/blogger for your startup”we want to make your join startup-blog for the readers. To conduct interviews on behalf of, just by the way, we hope to enable good contacts to the Startups readers”, so Manuel Langele founder and CEO of About your startup: Your startup is the new value-added platform for future technology-oriented, innovative German startups, entrepreneurs and Venture capital industry. Your startup reported companies and founder, whose business models and products, new market trends, developments in the VC/private equity market segments young highly innovative and illuminated topics and business models constructive and critical reports and analyses. In addition to the current journalistic departments your startup offers value added services and premium.