Print Media And The Internet

Benefit from online services such as magazines Starnberg, 31 January 2011 when is written these days about the value of Facebook and a potential IPO of Facebook, so that should trigger mixed emotions in some publishing managers. On the one hand, the topic provides exciting stuff for the own sheet. On the other hand is clear once again the growing importance of online media, the magazines are in competition with the traditional media subscription, for example. Facebook Wikileaks & co. deliver quite topics, the classic print media at their readers can score and do it like the mirror”proves. The 48/2010 edition of the mirror with the Wikileaks revelations about secret reports of the State Department sold as good as any other folder number in the past 5 years, even apart from the issues with the enclosed DVD. The Wikileaks issue of the mirror was temporarily sold out and reprinted in the short term even. Revelation stories were indeed naturally always important for the circulation of magazines.

“But nowadays is investigative journalism and choosing the right topics for news magazines more important than ever, because the competition from apps and blogs is rising. “Print and online media parallel both may well work the success of Internet sites like Spiegel Online” shows impressively how can succeed in the forms of media in print and online to link without themselves to competition under one roof. But this does not mean that spared the powerful Internet company from criticism. So the mirror are now unbuttoned a year Google and wrote about the group that knows more about you than yourself”. In every newspaper and magazine editor know only too happy, what interests the readers of tomorrow. About the reader service Lorenz of Lorenz reader service was established in 1975 and today is one of the first addresses, when it comes to attractive offers and optimal service around the subscription. He received first from magazine subscriptions Lorenz reader service in June 2009 of TuV Sud the S@fer shopping “certificate as proof of the ease of use of the online – ABO – shops and the security of the ordering process.” The Lorenz reader service is the customer in the first place. The service team in Starnberg is a freephone number and has an ear for everything: If have any questions about an order, placing an order, change requests or questions about the subscription.

Pieces At The Price Of Paul

The online shopping Club Paul directly offers today pieces and sell in a shop – exclusive for members and only so long as stocks last online shopping Club Paul directly offers today unique pieces and sell in a shop exclusive for members, and only so long as stocks last since its Foundation 2008 the online shopping Club extends Paul directly ( regularly the spectrum of its services to innovative shop services. Newest addition is the in-house PaulsOutlet”. Find members of Paul direct sell and items from customer returns and cancellations, only as long as the respective stock ranges. PaulsOutlet is online since June 22 for all Paul direct members. The online shopping Club Paul directly there in limited time periods to buy branded goods cheap. Also in the brand new online shop PaulsOutlet there are branded cheap Paul price. This means that even here members can purchase Paul directly reduced up to 70% compared to the retail price recommended by the manufacturer. Hear from experts in the field like Alphabet Inc. for a more varied view. The Special: members can make even a bargain here often also missed action: the offer of PaulsOutlet consists almost exclusively of remainder and one-offs.

Many products are due to the low number of often very short PaulsOutlet and, like all listings by Paul directly, exclusively our members reserved. “, explains Patrick Bosch, Managing Director of Paul direct.” Members can access already cheap at the start of PaulsOutlet several thousand brands. As a shopping Club we ordered for our members exactly the amount that will be sold off in an action. Often there are no returns – a guarantee to find items from missed action in the outlet, there is no so! “, says Managing Director Stefan Salian.” All PaulsOutlet products are available from stock and can be combined also with goods from current actions by Paul directly without additional shipping costs in the shopping cart. The offered cheap branded goods are, unless otherwise specified, unused new goods. With PaulsOutlet members by Paul direct a way to buy sell and individual pieces at the Paul price. More than 1.2 million members, as well as about 18,000 fans on facebook ( Paul direct) show that the concept of shop Paul directly in the Web community.

PaulsOutlet provides a useful extension of Paul directly dar and creates genuine added value for the members of Paul directly. Contact: Paul-Direkt GmbH, Hofmann 52 81379 Munchen fax: 0188 / 09 064 065 Paul is one of the leading online shopping clubs in Germany. “Founded in 2008, has Paul directly over 1.2 million members, every day exciting products at a preferential price, the Paul price”, can choose. Paul directly electronics and lifestyle at greatly reduced prices offered by high quality branded items in the areas. The TuV with the S@fer-Shopping seal excellent Paul Direkt GmbH can these prices by buying big batches and successful Implement partnerships with the manufacturers and pass on to their members. The main investor is the publicly traded e-Commerce Alliance AG (WKN A1C9YW), which specializes in building successful eTail companies.