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That they should tell their employees also open otherwise you lose the most important capital, the she in the relationship to its employees: trust. The executives can tell but one their employees with safety stressed bird: If we now place your hands in your lap, then the customers run away from us and everything will get worse. Let’s so actively on the customers too, so…” Executives may be content with this appeal. They should design strategies but also with their employees as they react for example to angry customers, who have lost a part of their capital. These can look as follows according to bird. First the account manager for the annoyance of customers should show understanding and for example say: you’re right about angry that we were subject to similar misjudgments in recent months as most of the banks. As almost all experts, we had thought that…

“That is, the consultant should a certain complicity” to admit and this then put in a larger context and thus put into perspective. Then he can to the “Example: that is why I call you, to talk with you, how we can prevent further damage” The agrees, the consultant can reveal the different ways it for example with the words: one possibility is that you sell your fund shares and put the money on a tag account or buy fixed-income securities for this purpose. Then your money would be safe. You would but also realize the current losses. “The alternative would be, if you assume that the valley floor is largely achieved: keep your shares in the hope that their value rises again…” Importantly, bird stressed that the Advisor shows investment alternatives the customer, guaranteeing him security”.

Definitely not he may offer highly risky new products the customers even if in his opinion the yield prospects are tempting. Because this would completely fractured confidence of the customers in a phase where security is top on his priority list, destroy.” Such customer conversations are not easy to do. It is accordingly important,”bird stressed that account managers have a conversation strategy, they stand behind the content fully. “Because otherwise they are not authentic and thus untrustworthy.” But even if the consultants are fully behind their messages, they will sometimes feel a stomach rumblings when they pick up the telephone handset to problem customers”to call. Therefore, according to statements of the emotional rhetoric of sales experts, it is”important that the consultant mental techniques dominate, to get yourself in a good mood, if they are even bad mood or unsafe. Because this tracks the customer. Ingo Vogel, Esslingen, is rhetoric–and sales trainer. He is considered the expert for emotional sales rhetoric. In March his latest book appeared the pleasure principle emotions in the Gabal Verlag as a career factor”. Contact: Ingo bird seminars of Ruderner str. 37 73733 Esslingen Tel.: (0711) 7676-303 E-Mail: Web: